Our First Meeting  

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7/16/2005 8:57 pm

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Our First Meeting

We'd communicated via AdultFriendFinder and email for several weeks.

We'd make dates to meet but for one reason or another one of us was having to cancel at the last minute which added to the mystique yet ever-groing frustration. On one occasion we were 15 minutes from meeting and this time G had to cancel. During our communications the next day I jokingly told her she 'owed me' for the cancellation. Her response was more than I had hoped for. She asked if a blow job would settle our account. My gawd...yes!

The next Sunday I'd come home early from a quick trip to Oklahoma and gave her a call. She said to get over to her house so we could finally meet. I said I'd already taken a shower and had nothing but pajama pants and a T-shirt on. "Less to take off" she said.

Off I flew for our first meeting. I was greeted at the door by G and her dog, Maggie. I warmed to both very quickly. G and I opened a bottle of wine and talked a bit but my boldness took hold and I blurted it out!! "When are
you going to pay up?" She said, "Well I guess
now is just as good a time as any!", and she led me to her bedroom. "Stay out Maggie" she said as she closed the door.

My cock began to rise to the occasion as she pulled my pajama pants down to my ankles and gave it a good look. "I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks", she inquired. And with that she licked the damp tip.

My gawd did it feel good. She sucked the head and shaft with equal adeptness but when she pulled my balls into her mouth I nearly exploded. I pulled back not wanting to cum too quickly and began to pull her clothes off telling her it was my turn
for her.

I removed her top and bra to see a wonderful set of breasts with the pinkest ariolas and pea-size nipples I'd ever seen. My best guess would be a 36C or C+. I began to suck and tweek them gently with my tongue and I could tell by her response she was enjoying it. I ran my hand down the front
of her pants to find a nearly hairless pubic mound that was drenched in its own juices. "Ah yes...she likes it" I said to myself. My next thought was to have a look and a taste. I removed her pants and gazed at the most beautiful
pussy I'd ever seen, neat and clean.

As I took my first lick her back rose as to accept the passion I was about to offer. It tasted wonderful...the perfect blend of sweetness and tart. I licked and probed her beautiful
mound until her first orgasm rose...she even came with class.

The more I licked and probed the more she wanted so I thought I'd test a boundary. I relocated myself to taste her sweet asshole. When I hardened the tip of my tongue to tickle
her anus she just seemed to relax a bit more to grant me access.

I rubbed her excessively wet pussy then brought my fingers to her waiting hole. I enserted my finger and it just gobbled it in steps. I was in heaven. She came again and again with growing burts! "Oh my god", she panted, "let me lick your
ass!" She was laying on her back on the bed with her head slightly off the side. I staddled her head as she took my cock into her mouth, next the balls, then to my waiting pooper. No woman has ever done that for me before! She licked
and sucked my ass for several minutes then slightly repositioned me as she too rubbed her wet cunt to get her fingers nice and lubricated. She placed my cock back in her mouth then reached
up with those juicy fingers and placed one right up the old poop shoot! I was shocked then amazed as the sensation of her sucking my cock compunded the finger action in my ass. It was beyond
anything I'd ever experienced. My knees began to buckle as the urge to cum was upon me. My head began to go numb as my cock began to swell with the impending explosion. I couldn't help it...BOOM...the cum gushed from my cock like a teenager having a wetdream. It came and came as I nearly fell to the floor. I could hear G gulp and swallow every drop. I could barely stand...but then fell on my back on the bed next to her. "Happy?", she asked. I couldn't
say a word. My mouth was dry and my brains had obviously fallen out too!!! "Oops", she said. "there's still a little drippage!" She rolled over and sucked the final drops.

"Now...you need to go home." "You've
had a long day and you need to get up early to teach class." She walked me out to the car as I could barely navigate my way alone. She kissed me goodnight then placed her hand between her legs one more time and rubbed her juices on my lips as a reminder of the evening.

How could I forget?

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