Erotic moment  

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7/16/2005 9:43 pm

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Erotic moment

Not long ago we had planned a little after work play time. Doc was coming over and called before coming to tell me to be laying on my bed, blindfolded with numerous toys near by. I could feel my juices flowing down my thighs in anticipation of what lay ahead.

The sound of the front door opening then closing was the signal for my heart rate to increase...listening I heard Doc walking through the house towards the bedroom. My anticipation increased with every second as he slowly slipped out of his clothes and inspected the toys I had readied for his use. I'm sure he couldn't imagine the thrill I felt as he guided my arms over my head to the waiting bedposts. I thought I would cum just feeling the one handcuff and then the other slip around my wrists...the clicking singing in the air. Oh gawd I wanted him to touch make me cum before I screamed. My breath caught as nipple clamps closed around first pussy lip then the other. The smell of leather soon filled my senses as the sweet smell danced across my face then down over my tits...finding my cunt with a soft kiss of leather followed by firmer ones before Doc reached down to tug on the chain of the clamps. What a wonderful combination of pain and pleasure as he slipped a vibrator in my cunt as he continued to tug on the chain. It didn't take long for my hard orgasm to wash over me. Fuck !!!

Doc reached up and unlocked the handcuffs while leaning over to whisper in my ear that I was not to take the blindfold off. The warmth of his breath on my ear told me that he was going to lay back on the bed and that I was to give him the best blowjob that he had ever had. THAT made my smile spread across my face as if there is one thing I love it's Doc's cock filling my mouth. Oh heck I love Doc's cock filling every hole. It didn't take but a moment for me to find his cock and go to work on it. I love to run my tongue up and down his hard shaft...finding his balls and giving them equal time before slipping on down to his puckered hole...tongue fucking it before making my way back to his yummy cock. Whoever came up with the saying "good to the last drop" must have sampled Doc's delicious cum at one time. I never leave or waste a drop. Just feeling his warm seed snaking down my throat and filling my belly brings me to the brink of cumming again.

Both totally satisfied we laid and talked for awhile while the blindfold still covered my green sultry eyes. Doc then rose from the bed, dressed the with a quick goodbye was gone...a smile on my face from a delicious erotic moment.

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