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2/1/2006 10:38 am

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Last night I had my second sexual encounter from AdultFriendFinder! This time it was solo with a woman! A hot, hot, hottie of a woman! She was a young college student with one of those bodies you fantasize about. The kind that is slim and tight like a spring and you just know that it is just waiting to be sprung so all that tension can be released!
So, what's the problem? ME!!
Here's the deal, we agree to an encounter last night and she wants to get another guy to join us. Swell. I really don't care. As long as I'm in the mix somewhere it can be two guys, a couple, it can be a fuckin' barbershop quartet! So I get to the meeting place, now you have to understand that she told me earlier that we only had a limited amount of time. Maybe 40 mins if we're lucky, because the place wasn't hers. OK, no skin off my nose. But the other guys not there yet so we get started right away. Well I told you how hot she was already so like ten minutes later I'm done! At this time, still no other guy. She want's to give him a little longer so I say I can go again in a few minutes. Because usually I can, I can come twice. It's not bragging it's just how it is. I cum the first time to get it out of the way and then in ten minutes or so I can go again, this time for the long haul because now I don't have all that pressure built up. Like I said, usually this works. USUALLY! But this time we didn't have 10 mins! So I convice her that I can go again and we get started. But nothing happens!! I've got the pressure of trying to impress her, the time clock of when she wanted to be done and me out of there, and the fear that maybe somebody might walk in on us! It just wasn't happening. So tail (and cock) tucked between my legs I headed out. Dejected. If I hadn't tried swinging for the fences I might have gone away from the experience with a good feeling about how the first fuck went. But nope, I had to cowboy up and try and go deep and wound up striking out badly!! Hopefully she will take a chance on me again and give me another shot when I don't have to go into my hurry up offense because we reached the two minute warning.
How hard is it? Last night, not very.

3d60 47M

2/1/2006 12:52 pm

Man you gots to loose the load before the deal....then your strike happy errect and correct, fella have a wank before the next meeting give yourself some self get back on that horse and ride em like you know you can all me juv me XX andy

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