Best of the best!  

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3/16/2006 10:53 am

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Best of the best!

To say I had great sex this week is like saying the Grand Canyon is a big hole. Or saying the Mona Lisa is a nice picture. What I want to describe is beyond my meager grasp of the english language. I need someone far more skilled than I to describe just how great the sex was. I need a Walt Whitman or a William Shakespeare to capture with words what was without a doubt one of the best (if not the best) sexual encounters I have ever had in my life!
To begin with I must give an ovation to my partner for that night. She is a real friend that I have met on here and we can have fun in and out of the bedroom. But this time we just happened to be in the bedroom. Although this should have been on stage! In an arena with thousands of people applauding! That's how good it was! This woman has the most amazing body! Everything about it is perfect, her skin, her breasts, her butt, her ladies' area! It is a treat just to see her naked, but to actually be invited into to this wonderful playground is mind blowing!!! And she can bring it! She was taking everything I had and giving it right back at me! It was like two massive armies doing battle and neither giving an inch of ground! Glorious!!
The only problem was my fault. You see, when I have sex I lose about twenty pounds of water weight through my perspiration. I sweat like as much as the New York Knicks starting five. I sweat like Michael Jackson at Baby GAP. I sweat like a teenager with a Playboy in his hand and his mother about to open his bedroom door. Bottom line? I sweat a lot. So much so that I should really take with me a gym bag when I have sex. A few towels, change of clothes, bottle of Gatorade. Because it could be freezing cold but if I'm having sex I look like I just swam the English Channel.
But in spite of my tidal wave of perspiration my partner persevered and brought me to a hip shattering orgasm! It was like I had just won the Super Bowl, I was looking around for people to hug and give high fives to. I was waiting for somebody to stick a camera and a mike in my face and ask me what I was thinking about during sex.
So there it is. My account. Not on par with Steinbeck or Dylan Thomas. But I think I provided a stick figure drawing of the Mona Lisa that was that night.
At least I was able to tell you how much I sweat. But really how hard is that?

newtothis022006 42F

3/18/2006 2:48 pm

(Raising her glass. . . ) Here's to great sex like that EVERY week and to good friends!

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