"Cock Fight" What the Hell!  

Gaijin4you 35M
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8/6/2005 1:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

"Cock Fight" What the Hell!

I participate in a few different chat groups, and of course being a member on AdultFriendFinder. I want to meet new people. But one thing that is frusterating for me is that there are so many dudes in some of these groups that it becomes on great cock battle.

Of course I guess that is ok for the women that enjoy tht sort of thing. But I think for some of the women on AdultFriendFinder get especially irritated or tired of hearing all these men saying. "Call me, you won't be disappointed" or "Or we need some girls that would be willing to do this & that". I'm not even a girl and I get tired of reading the same lame sh*t over and over.

Long story short, when people actually have something worth saying the women are already too tired to listen from all the other BS posted. It's a little frusterating and a waste of internet space.
Its about as productive as this street light in the picture.

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