Pet Peeve lots of emails few Pictures...  

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4/25/2006 8:35 pm

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4/26/2006 12:56 am

Pet Peeve lots of emails few Pictures...

I have posted a few pictures of myself, yet the girls on this site seem so squeemish about even showing me simular pictures; (half hidden face, just thier eyes, a body shot with no face etc.), or have so far lacked the effort or creativity to come up with that idea even. We live in times where a cell phone camera is a tool of this stone age we call 2006. If you don't have one I would bet you 10,000 clams your friends have one you could borrow for 30 minutes, but if you don't have any friends, this bet is null. And I doubt you could eat all that shellfish anyway. I hate to use the word since this is a public forum, and don't want to offend my fans, but chickensh** is an appropriate term to use amongst men for weak attitudes. I know you are all terrified of me now, but read on. I know this is a small town but I just decided one night that it really didn't matter what ANYONE thinks even if anyone on A.F.F. ACTUALLY recognises me big deal so fu**ing what? I have a sex drive and they do too, WHOEVER that person is. AND I FIND THAT ABHORRENTLY SHOCKING!? Hell no. I just think it's peculiar that so far I have gotten loads of replies to my emails, and only a few pictures of you usually very pretty girls (the few that have sent me pictures seem supercool and one was dropdead gorgeous and all curvy and shi*.). I am peeved for this reason: this is an adult site, and I thought I would be dealing with other adults. If you HAVE sent me your pictures ignore this post. Ladies, if you have YET to send me your photos, stop being so shy, or ask me for naked pictures, or SOMETHING and quit being prudes on an ADULT site. I am open to posting my cock, but really, I am a CLASSY man, and think it is better you saw it in person.

Whew! Cheerz, Jerry!@#$%^&*()_+

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