Best day I've had in YEARS! Pop Psycology! Dom/Sub!  

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5/8/2006 4:08 pm

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Best day I've had in YEARS! Pop Psycology! Dom/Sub!

I got an offer for my dreamjob today. After literally a decade of trying to get on with BHP Billy, they called me up and said they will let the other candidates know that they didn't have the postion, and that they were going to offer it to me. Ladies, I have one word that can describe Jerry...
I get what I want because quite simply I want it. Read Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich" and you will know me pretty well. Download it on Kazaa. And NEVER stop trying to get what you want. Most people fail because they quit after one failure. I just keep trying, and things go my way quite a bit. So if I am after you, and want you, I am going to be persistant. And I will usually get what I want. I applied at least once a year for a job in my field, and now I have it.
I believe that alot of women settle for whatever they can get, and break up with that whatever because they eventually gain T O T A L domination over that man. He has magically lost his balls, and you all get bored of a man with no balls. /8 I think that most women want a challenge, but would never admit it. Being dominant is a male trait. \8 We fight wars and play sports simply to compete and dominate. If that is the case, why are so many women running the lives of my buddies? ?* The women in these relationships would NEVER admit that they are wearing the pants. Because that is for the men.
My experience is this! Women say they know what they want, but if I ever really press hard for information, it ALWAYS gets more and more vague. I am guessing because the girls I am quizzing sense I am an alpha male in all situations and like most people I know, will eventually become submissive. Thier answers start losing confidence. As a last ditch attempt to test me out and see if I am for real (you all love to find out if I am acting this or not) you will usually act upset. If I play my cards right at this point and keep you interested but emotionally charged, you start to feel something. I have been told by my dates they physically react to this. They get turned on and wet. I'm not saying that they want to jump me right then and there (That usually comes later). But I have created something that few men can create. Attraction.
I can't will you to feel it, and you usually don't even know why you are feeling it. But I think I get it. I am not a wussyboy. I am a man, and have proven myself to be one in your presence. Since women operate on "Feelings" and "Intuitions" and act on that instead of physical appearances, I have demonstrated to you that I am not a wussbag or a pushover. You start to see me as something to conquer. You start to SHOW me that you want to be conquered. What a woman SAYS she wants and what she ACTUALLY wants are 2 different things. I didn't make the rules, I just follow them.

Wow that was a deep deep dish of Psychology, success, and topped with some Dom/Sub issues. Hope you enjoyed it even if it was a bit on the heavy side. Any great pizza is tho.
Now how do ya like me?

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