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2/13/2006 4:07 pm

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Its funny going out on trips sometimes. You can plan all you want but something always can go wrong. Take the Vice President for example. He probobly planned with 20 different government officals to plan his little outing in Texas. But the best laid plans go to waste when the VP shoots someone in the ass. Yes ladies and gentalmen the VP of this great country has shot someone this weekend, while on a hunting trip. Of course it was an accident and the victim only has small bird pellets in him, but still he got shot by the VP. Now that is a story for the grandchildren someday.

"Hey Bobby, did you know that I got shot by the VP one day while we were hunting? Yes it was a beautiful...." you get the idea.

Also what is funny was my weekend of people watching. I finally went out to have some fun and enjoy the weekend. Went to my favorite bar of all time "MoJo's" (shamelessly plugging the bar for them). The dual piano's and classic songs that you can choose to hear makes the bar a great place to hang out.

I hope to go out again this week. If any of you out there in cyberland want to go with me, either send me an e-mail on the network.

pet_humility 48F

2/14/2006 9:16 pm

See people watching is great.. lots better then
feeding the pigeons at the

Glad you went out and didn't stay home and laz around

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