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2/11/2006 10:45 am

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Love Watching

One of the sexiest and horniest things we like to do is share our sexual encounters with each other and friends. Since she is in college, there is never a shortage of young guys who want in her pants and many of them do get in there.

We both are always safe and have free reign to do what we want with whoever we want as long as we tell each other all the juicy details.

We both have been pretty busy lately so there hasn't been much to blog about. She is working on projects with her sorrority for recruitment and I have been swamped with work.

Thankfully, more free time is just around the corner and that means more sexy adventures.

Last year about this time we had one of the horniest experiences ever.

She had never been with a black guy and my previous college girlfriend had done it and loved it. There is something sexy and taboo about the whole thing and she wanted to give it a try...(and wants it again!).

Anyway, she met a guy in class. As a prelude to their fucking, she sucked him off twice in the men's bathroom in one of the campus halls.

Finally, the day came where he picked her up on campus and drove her to his apartment. I knew about the time this would take place in the afternoon and we agreed that I would take my lunch within 5 minutes of her first call.

Within 5 minutes my cell rang again and I could hear she and him talking. Within minutes, all I could hear was moaning and her screaming "fuck me hard"..."harder"...and him saying things like, "you love black dick don't you?".

It was sexy as hell. She said he was huge and she came and came and came.

I was so hard sitting in my car listening to all this. I couldn't wait to fuck her the next day.

We are hoping to set something similar up soon.

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