Spending a Sunday Robinson Crusoe Style  

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6/23/2006 4:51 pm

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Spending a Sunday Robinson Crusoe Style

Sunday was the last day trip....out on the pontoon boat again, this time to a place called Rose Island, Robinson Crusoe Land. It was very windy on Sunday, and the water was a little rough...but in a pontoon boat you don't feel that........but we DID feel the rain that started. Uh oh.....not looking like a very good day here. I was still hurting both in my foot from the rock cut, as well as pulling my hip getting off the speed boat the evening before. I almost cancelled out on the trip....but decided I would give it a go.

We pulled into a small lagoon area again with water the color of aquamarine. The trip coordinators sent us up a rock path, and on the top we found a nice picnic area, a park like treed area FULL of hammocks. Everyone raced to claim one, and since I was pretty burned from the day before, I took one in the shade.

Down on the other side of the hill, we found the beach, this one with waves like on the east coast. I don't know if that was because of the wind that day or if it was natural for this area.

This trip was a little less organized, and people were told to just go get a mask an snorkel, and all the snorkeling was up to people on their own. I didn't feel as comfortable in these unguided waters, so sat the snorkeling out that day. It was nice to dip into the crystal blue water gain.

Lunchtime came, and a great picnic was placed upon the tables. Barbecued chicken, hot dogs, barbecue ribs, salad, pasta salad, and fruit. This trip only served wine or lemonade...but the lemonade was pretty darn tasty. The view out over the lagoon was breathtaking with the water color and the rocks and lush greenery. It dawned on me how much I was gonna hate leaving this little place in paradise in two days.

We left the island about 3:15 and arrived back at the dock at 4. The bus ride back to the hotel was normal, and it was my last view of downtown Nassua.

Showered, I went down to dinner, went out to walk on the beach until the evening shower hit, then upstairs for the evening talent. I didn't stay up late, as all the activities were beginning to play a little toll on me.

The next day would be totally relaxing spent laying around the pool and on the beach again as I finished up my stay in Paradise.

horny4770 60M
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6/27/2006 1:49 pm

Are the foot and hip both feeling better now? I see you did get some sun...I just hope it wasn't too much...


GMURN replies on 6/27/2006 8:53 pm:
The hip and foot are all better now...thank you.

And my tan is nice and golden....and even a week later continues to get comments on asking where I've been.

Thanks for the comments....I was beginning to think my writing was irrelevant

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