This team is driving me Batty!  

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8/29/2005 5:12 pm

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This team is driving me Batty!

Update on batty.
This little guy or gal ( can't tell) Seems to not mind us too much
At first I thought it was sick since it wouldn't move when approached. But I think it just likes that spot for some reason.
I got a better picture of it yesterday so I decided to replace the one that was out of focus. And yes there are no mosquitos to be found. Thanks goodness for small wonders. (or mr. or mrs. Batty)

Here I am in the Huge town of Selinsgrove PA , Well it reminds me of my home town of Aiken SC 25 years ago.
But I will have to tell yall I am just about to choke the crap out of the team leader on this project.
I am at the fleetwood assembly plant in Plaxinos PA abut 10 mi from the motel.
Doing incinerator efficiency tests where the paint fumes from the painting process of the motor homes gets burned before it gets vented out to the atmosphere.
So we have to sample the gases go into the incinerator and out of it. and show the destruction ratio. ( how much of the bad stuff gets burned up.)
As usual I don't get the details of the job until I am there. But this time it was like everone was running around with their heads chopped off. Too many Chiefs not enough indians . Well there was one and it was me. I was being pulled from one task before I could finish the one I was working on. I had to put my foot down and pull the team leader to the side and tell him to either give me a list of things that need to be done or just give me one and leave me the hell alone until I get that one done.
Well he apologized and he will be better.
Oh by the way the picture of the bat is there at the site! it was sound asleep in one of the noisiest locations possible.

Well I hope the testing goes smother than the set up and tear down.

Oh this motel is so lame you have to use their little box to use the internet.
So I got one and set up my powerbook as a gateway for wireless so the rest of the team could use their wireless.

Oh I didn't bother to search for contacts here. So if you live close by maybe next time.,

broadluvs77 52F

8/30/2005 3:49 am

That picture only goes to show you that babies of all kinds can sleep anywhere! I bet there aren't a lot of mosquitos around there, either. See you next time you're in town, Baby {=} happyf;

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