My new Love. ( bringing back some old bad habits.)  

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8/29/2005 8:53 pm

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My new Love. ( bringing back some old bad habits.)

I don't enjoy the Bar scene at all , The smoke, loud drunk people. ( The one's that don't know how to drink in public.) I go and have a few drinks get a light buzz then slowly nurse a drink to keep the light buzz going and once an hour drink a water not a coke, just plain water That is the way to avoid hangovers. Then when I am getting ready to leave I drink only water and wait 2 to 3 hrs and make sure to go to the mens room often to get rid of much alcohol as possible. Then the buzz is gone and if I feel that I can't drive I call a cab.

OK enough of the PSA.

As I said before I don't do bars much , But this last project in Ashland KY in a Bar called "Show ME" Mentioned in a earlier blog. I found out that they had a Yagermister Chiller! OMG when I was in collage that was my favorite drink and kept a bottle in a special small refrigerator I modified to keep things below 20F the perfect temp for Yagermister. This chiller had it close.
I had broken my above rule all to hell before I knew it I had 5 shots and was well on the way to getting plastered. But my waitress Mandi cautioned me and requested water for the rest of the night. I think that is the reason why she left me here number. I did call her after I left for the next project. She told me that If I am in town to give her a call and she gave me her home number.

Caio For Now.

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