My Night out in Silver Spring MD  

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8/2/2005 11:11 pm

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My Night out in Silver Spring MD

Well I got really board sitting in my motel room. I called a taxi and told him to take me to a bar where I would fit in around here.
Well He too me to Bethesda MD and I don't remember the name of the bar but it was mostly full of 20 somethings and all were with dates of their own. I had 2 beers and asked the barmaid where can I sit down and have a nice quite conversation with a girl like you. She replied "the club Europa " Sounded like a gay bar to me but I ( no offense to the gay community here it's just that I am not gay.) I took her directions and walked there. It was a nice classy place that could fit no more than 80 people and it was empty except 3 men at the bar. I walked around the front of the place and debated wither or not to go in. Then a wild hair told me to go in and what the hell have a beer. So I went in and sat down at the end of the bar and waited 5 minutes and no bartender.
Then one of the other patrons called out "Sally can you get the bartender" and then this 6'2" tall sandy blond walked behind the bar and asked me what I wanted, I was stunned for e second then I answered absolute chilled neat with a sam adams . Then one of the men stared a conversation
with me , you know the usual what do you do ect ect . Then He invited me to join them tonight.

They treated me to drinks at 3 lactation's. one of witch was tommy Joe's restaurant and bar that had karaoke night and I hate karaoke, but none the less they had me on stage singing my favorite song Live and let die.

I found out that Sally is a Russian and she spoke perfect english. She and I were drinking buddies . needless to say she was stone cold sober when I was well buzzed .
At one point in the night she held my hand and made this comment "My god your hands are hot" Well the booze spoke for me. I said wait until you feel the rest of me.
Well I guess that was the wrong thing to say since I am her alone in my motel room writing this.

Well the couple we met up with decided to go home and invited us to come with.
When we got to their car it would only seat 5 and ther was 6 of us well I did the gentlemanly thing and let the couple know that I was bowing out and that they have a great night and hope to see them soon.
The lady of the couple gave me a big hug and said farewell. I made ure that their car started and they were on the way . I hailed a cab and went back to the motel and here I am all by my lonesome.
I guess it is for the better since I have to meet my coworker @ 6;30 am this morning and it is now 2:30am,


GEtravler 48M

8/3/2005 5:45 am

Man I must have been still pretty snockered, look at all the mistakes. (yes I know I can go back and correct them but I made them and I will live with it,

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