Marietta OH. boring little town (prove me wrong) UP DATE!!!!  

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7/19/2005 4:05 pm

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Marietta OH. boring little town (prove me wrong) UP DATE!!!!

Well after working 18 hr I went to the restaurant and had nice diner by myself.
The waitress was a very cute blond not over 22 best guess . The service was great and she was flirty and I was just as much of a flirt my self. At the end of the dinner she offered a desert , I asked for a menu again. When she returned I looked carefully and looked at her and said " I don't see what I want listed on the menu." She said What would you like? I made sure not to make eye contact and said " You, when are you off duty?" She blushed and said 11:30. I told her that I would be working then and won't be back until after 5am at the earliest. She replied "I know what room you are in so I will call you later." WOW I couldn't be happier.
Now this is what blew my mind. I was so caught off guard by her reply that I left my wallet on the table. I went back to my room and started to see if my #1 lover was available on YIM and I started chatting with her. Ten minutes pass and during some hot cyber there was a knock on my motel room door. I got up and went to see who it was and it was the waitress OMG! I opened the door and she had my wallet in hand and she explained that I left it at the table and she was sorry for going though it but she had to make sure it was mine. and that she had a personal question.
I said sure no problem. She blushed again but much brighter red than before. "I found this in your wallet and she pulls out my condom and asks "Are you really this big?" holding my magnum condom up. I told her yes and she is welcome to find out for herself. She smiled and said" Thank you I might just take you up on that offer.
Well it is 8:30 am and still no call. But I think it was fun.

Well I will have to say I am very disappointed with some of the contacts here.
I did a search as normal and sent a few Emails out and a few winks to boot.
And not a single one had even replied to say sorry but not interested.
I guess it is different with women that they have the option to either ignore a email or respond.
Now AF makes it real easy to blow off some one with a quick reply. I know from experience.

So I keep an eye on who has been looking at my profile and see if one of the women I emailed even looked at my profile. Now I know that you can turn off that feature so you can look at profiles anon. But the counter still increments . I just shoot back a email to say I saw you looking.
Just as a playful reminder that I am interested.
I just got a reply to one of those and it read " I know I looked at your profile but you are 1 maried, I don't do one night stands 2, I live 85 miles away 3, "

I have no problem with any of that at all. I replied "Fair enough. have a great night."

When ever I get a email I always reply no matter if I am totally turned off by something in the profile or on the email.
Now that I have a testimonial and some friends in my network I get about 2 to 3 emails or IM's a day (mostly IM's)
I am nice about if I am not interested and I let them know the real reason why. And if I did not mention that fact in my profile I update it.

OK now that I got that off my chest.
back to the real reason for this blog.
One of my beloved friends has been cybering with me and I am looking for a one night stand.
I did a search and found a couple of matches that specifically stated no strings just fun on short notice ect ect. So she was on line I sent her a email and she promptly looked at my profile
I gave her my IM on both AOL and yahoo. She had every chance to either say no thanks or too far away but nothing at all. I am sorry but that is rude.

well I need to get some sleep I have to go in and do testing at the powerpplant at 1am - 3am
I got there this morning at 8am and set up all the equipment , finished at 12noon.
Well I have got to say that this little town is kinda boring, Hopefully some one prove me wrong in a positive way.

Remember be kind to the traveler's of the world.
I am not talking about the bar hoppers out there , The true travelers that try to enjoy the places they visit and bring good fortune.
I try to leave all who I meet with a smile, I give them one of mine and tell then have a great day.

If I am in a place for a week or so I make sure I go to the same person in the check out in a grocery store and ask them how their day was and actually listen. (This applies to all people I have contact with.) If possible help them in any way I can.Because I know that they will remember that a total stranger took the time to listen and offer help. Nine times out of ten they will start doing the same thing them selves and feel great about doing it. That one small gesture of good will can spread like wildfire. ( simpler version of pay it forward)
I find the baby steps grow faster and stronger than leaps.

Please I implore any one to comment.
Getravler (yes I know it is spelled wrong) it is on purpose,

broadluvs77 52F

7/21/2005 5:59 pm

And folks, he's not bragging when he says he needs a magnum condom

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