Lost philosophy of allowing simple comforts to a weary traveler?  

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7/23/2005 9:04 pm

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Lost philosophy of allowing simple comforts to a weary traveler?

What has happened to the lost philosophy of allowing simple comforts to a weary traveler?

I travel so much some times I wake up and think I am somewhere else than where I really am.
It has gotten to the point that I have woken up in my own home and thought I was in a motel.

Don't get me wrong I love seeing new places and people especially women.
I love interacting with them listening to every word, hanging on every sentence. Nine times out of ten they love it just as much if not more that a man is actually listening and understanding what they are talking about.
I also love reading body language. Now that is a lost art among men.

When I travel I am going to power plants , petro-chemical pants , any type of plant that the EPA has to monitor their emissions and it involves lots of physical labor to set up the monitoring equipment . Some times on 400 foot tall platforms on smoke stacks. dealing with gases that are 14,000F and very toxic.
Some times the work is fast and furious other times it is waiting on stand by until the plant is ready.
So there are times I am stuck in the motel room with nothing to do.
Then there are days that I have to be off duty so I can drive the next day.
During those times I would love to either have meal or go to a movie with someone or a couple , I can't stress enough that it does not have to end with sex or start (unless both parties are willing .)

I just got back from a little town in OH and was pretty slammed with work but had a little excitement with a waitress in the motel. (no sex but real fun flirting) you will have to read my other blogs .

The long and short of this blog is why is it so hard to even get a chat session up.

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