Young girl at work...other women..background for my weird thoughts to come.  

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10/15/2005 3:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Young girl at work...other women..background for my weird thoughts to come.

There is this young girl at work who in my male mind has been flirting with me. Constantly giving me backrubs, leaning on me....well you get the idea. All I know is that my involuntary soft muscle tissue reacts quickly and decisively. Man do I get hard!! She is Chineese with a small frame but a kick-ass body. Every time she walks by she has something to say to me and my mind quickly goes into a dream state where her and I are working alone and of course my male mind goes in the only direction it can. I come up from behind her and start massaging her back as she starts to softly moan. Her small ass starts to move side to side against my cock. It gets hard and I push it hard against her to make sure she knows it's there...almost willing it to break through my pants.It doesn't even feel like a part of me but more like a long branch that someone stuck in my pants. For some reason my dream stops here and replays over and over again. I must like the teasing.

It seems that every decent looking woman I see I go onto think about doing it with them. I must think about sex every 10 seconds throughout the entire day. I see guys talk to girls and all I can think is "Doesn't she know he wants to band the shit out of her?". Doesn't she realize that he is investing time and energy and hoping to a good return on his investment.

I have to admit though that I do have alot of women friends that feel very comfortable around me. They reveal many things to me for what reason I don't know. I feel very comfortable around women especially if they view me just as a friend. I start to balbber like an idiot when I think one of them likes me more than just a friend.
This is where I am with this girl at work. She comes up to me to use the terminal and leans her ass right into my stomach. My body temp shoots up and I start to sweat. I poke her butt to see how far she'll let me go. She doesn't even blink but places her hand on my thigh to balance herself. I'm sure she knows this would give any normal guy a woodie and a half!! The day ended...thank God.

So now it's time to get on the commuter rail and of course my male mind watches every girl walking by to check out her ass. Do you want to know how pathetic I am? The commuter rail is very crowded and seats are scarce but I always get one cuz I get there early. I always hope some gorgeous chick has to squeeze in with me and another person. I love to feel her body move up and down while breathing and her body rub up against mine. Yeah..pathetic I know...home now to masturbate..

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