Wild Sexy Weekend?  

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5/24/2005 10:54 am

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Wild Sexy Weekend?

What was planned to be a wild sexy weekend , infact turned out completly differant.

Friday,went to a local winetasting with a friendly couple , (I hate wine btw, and drink very little alcohol anyway)

It turned out to be very good, out of the 8 wines offered , I liked 3 of them and the forth I would drink a small glass of it with a good meal.
I also learnt a great deal about wine growers and the very differant types of wine and grapes.
We returned home late and very tired and we both fell asleep almost as soon as we hit the pillow.

Saturday. Also turned out differant than planned, was out all day untill late, . maybe your'll read about it in another blog at another time , but needless to say , I got lost yet again and spent hours driving around in circles in a district that I should know well, ( road works and diversions !)
got home late exhausted , fell asleep almost immediatly.

Sunday , Planned was a small cycle tour , to get fit for our cycle tour from Ulm to passau , we are doing from saturday this week.

We followed the course of the Echaz river from its source, though the Echaz valley untill it joins the River Neckar, as the weather turned out fine , we cycled along the neckar to Tuebingen, then along the Steinlack valley towards home , or so i thought.Along the way I sliped , hit my most precious parts on the cross bar , screamed , slip on the cross bar again and damaged the other one.
I was in pain for the following 4 hours.

What was planned as a short tour of about 15 kms , there and another 15 kms back , turn out to be a round trip of over 50 kms, the last 25 mostly uphill, with me in pain , and thunderstorms, lightning , and pouring rain dampening my already sinking mood.

But finally home a film , evening meal ( at 22.00!)and bed.

Not exactly the sexy wild fun filled weekend I had hoped for , but it was fun a lot of the time , and instead of the wild sex , I found an unexpected affection ,tenderness, open-ness and honesty that surprised me, and such soft gentle feelings arising in me I thought were long dead.

A weekend of surprises, some unexpected and unwanted , some unexpected and long yearned for, and one I will not forget , for a long time .

rmrlt1 67M

5/25/2005 2:21 am

Just proves that what seems a disaster can turn out to have benefits


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