Time Passages II  

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Time Passages II

The street was empty, the only lights burning were those of the rundown mini-cab office. Like me, it had seem better days, and many worse ones.

The door opened, an off duty driver game in, mumbled something, and disappeared out the back door, he was followed by a girl aged about 22 or so, she was not really attractive, very thin, no chest that you could see, dressed in typical private school type clothes, and she didn't look too happy. She had two redeeming features , her bright ginger hair and sparking green eyes.

It turned out that the driver had picked her up from somewhere, and had only stopped off to use the toilet, he didn't return. We chatted, I radioed for another driver to come by and take her home, before she left, she gave me her 'phone number.
There was some friendly banter over the radio between myself and her driver, and after he dropped her off, told me she lived at the nursing home, attached to the childrens hospital, a little further out of town, somewhere along the way a date had been arranged for Sunday.

We met outside a pleasant pub- resturant in Croydon, had a light meal and a few drinks, then time to take her to my place.

My place consisted of a bed in some-one else's front room in Battersea, but when we arrived a light was burning in "my" bedroom, that meant my friends date had fallen though, and she was at home. "Never mind" she said, "we'll go to my place"

Getting to her place involved a drive back out of town, me, parking in the car park, her getting past the porter at the front door, opening a window in the hallway, so that I could climb in, and then sneeking me up to her small room.

I was delighted to find that she ignored fashion, and still wore stockings and a suspender belt, no bra, she didn't need one. I also found out that those old hospital beds can really make a noise, when you are hard at it.

That was our procedure for many months to come,park the car in the car park, in though the window, up to her room, and into the heaven between her legs. She was the most sexualy open girl I had ever met, and at the time, was my salvation.

I scandalised my family by bringing her along to grandma's 90th birthday party, my sisters and sisters-in-laws, hated her, my brothers and brothers-in-laws gritted their teeth in envy.
She flirted and danced with my father (or rather he flirted with her) most of the night, and everytime she did a swirl, her short dress rose a little, and her stocking tops were on full display.

I found it amusing, my mother did not.

My children loved her and looked forward to our weekends together.

All things must come to an end, and one day, when she was supposed to meet me in Cornwall for a week with the kids, I waited and waited at the staion, she never came.

It was a while untill I saw Chrisy again.

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