Sex and the Cycle Tour  

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6/6/2005 12:59 am

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Sex and the Cycle Tour

Well we set off last Saturday on our cycle tour , we cycled down forest paths, unmade roads, perfectly laid out ashphalt roads and cycle paths, loose gravel paths and experianced some of the most wonderful scenery in Germany.

We traveled though old celtic and roman farming villages, towns ancient and modern, medievil, and barock, saw churches, more churches, catherals, palaces, fortresses, castles and noble residences, and found time to enjoy a boat trip on the Danube itself. We stood on the site of the Battle of Blenheim, and even saw the old mill where the Duke of Marlbourgh slept after his victory.

We saw lots of monuments, most built by King Ludwick the Looney of Bavaria. (King Ludwick II who spent most of his time building silly castles and palaces, and most of the states money, and then entered a futile war with Prussia, untill some of his more intelligent subjects decided to to be rid of him, and supposedly drowned him).
All over are small monuments build to honour him by some gratfull subjects, ( it was only many generations later, that they became even more gratefull, as thousands of tourists poured in to visit his follys, and the long suffering farmers among others, began to earn a new living from tourism.)

we stayed at converted farmhouses, good hotels, and some bad,and simple gusthouses, tasted differant bavarian beer at each stop, and even enjoyed a good glass of beer at a monestary , where they began brewing beer, sixteen years years before William Duke of Normandy decided to take an excursion across the channel.

Everywhere we met friendly people, who waved, we stoped to talk to other cyclists , anglers on banks of the Danube , hikers and walkers.

In all we had a wonderfull time, we traveled around 50 or so kilometres a day , and thus had time to visit some of the towns that we passed.
Fortunatly most of the way was fairly flat , so only a few times did we have to push our bikes uphill, although we did meet some real raving loonies that actualy chose to drive mountain bikes up ALL the hills!, and others that managed 100 -150 kilometres per day.

The only real danger was maurading gangs of old grannies, dressed in cyling gear that cost more than my touring bike , and bikes that you needed a second morgage to pay for!. They sneaked up on us , and then spead past, ringing there bells, almost forcing us of the roads!

On the negative side , I got badly bitten by some vampire insects, right in the veins , and acording to my doctor probably got blood poisoning,had I not have kept on cycling each day , he told me, I would have been very ill. I have an allergic reacton to all types of moskitoes, and biting insects, and suffered greatly, and on two days we had had tempratures of over 30 degrees with no shade or shelter, and of course we hurt in almost every muscle, and rubbed ourselves with liniment every night.

If you have got this far , you may be wondering about the sex part , well, if you hurt all over , was suffering from sunstroke, excesive insects bites and pains in the bum from the saddle, you would not feel much like having sex ! (lol)After all the cycling ,sightseeing , we just feel into bed each night excausted. (well almost!)

maybe I will write tomorrow about some of the other adventures we had.

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

6/19/2005 7:57 am

Next cycling trip to the Dutch mountains ?

GangBangsGirl 33M/33F

6/6/2005 6:11 am

Nice to have you back

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