Rosa Parks  

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10/26/2005 7:04 am

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Rosa Parks

Yesterday Rosa Parks died , she was 92 years old,

She was arrested for refusing to stand up and give her seat on a bus to a white person, that for the time, a brave act , sparked the civil Rights Movement in the USA into action , it also brought a young unknown preacher , Dr.Martin Luther King to prominance.

"She refused to stand up , so that others could sit down"

"She stood her ground, so that others had a ground to stand on"

May She Rest in Peace.

Hopefully there are and will be others of my generation , and the next generation , that will follow the example of this fine lady.

redmustang91 57M  
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10/27/2005 9:16 am

Sometimes just saying No can be an important act. Rosa also agreed to be used as a test case to a lawsuit to overturn the law allowing Jim Crow segregation in public transport and the US Supreme Court ruled in her favor less than two years later. The Birmingham bus boycott gave Martin Luther King Jr. his start and got the Civil Rights movement going! Rosa was a true fighter and activist for human dignity deserving her respect and fame.

GangBangCple 66M/55F

10/27/2005 5:50 am


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