Richard, and the Kings Ransom  

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Richard, and the Kings Ransom

This is a photo of one of the many ruined castles that one finds in the Danube valley. It's called Castle Duernstein.This castle is very special , because it is the one that Richard the Lionheart, King of England, (and lots of France) was imprisoned by Duke Leopold V of Austria on his way back from the 3rd crusade in 1193.

It seems that Richard had promised to raise the Imperial flag of the German Emperor, when he took Jerusalem. he was after all leading, along with the Duke, mostly german troops, not having brought along many of his own. Instead he raised his own flag, The St Georges Cross, that not only peed off the Duke of Austria, but the emperor too.

According to which history book you read, Richard was freed for a ransom, which was in fact all the silver in England. This peed off Richards brother John, as he had to find and collect all this silver, that peed off most of the population too,as, they never believed he would use it to buy back his brother, but seize power instead, which he attempted to do, several times, in fact, and he John,would have rather seen his brother rot, than pay.

The Duke of Austria used all this silver to mint coins, with which he paid his bills , build castles and palaces, churches etc, that then made Austria, even more prosperous, due to the filter down effect.

Richard was always called Good King Richard, in fact he wasn't a good King at all, always running off on crusades, and leaving his brother John in charge, and then ruining the countries economy to pay his ransom.

John was not only a weak character, he was politic ly weak too, because,in his fathers ( Henry II )wisdom, he was never given any titles or land, hence his nick name John Lackland. That also meant he didn't have any real income of his own. Which was as important in those days, as it is now!.

Well eventually Richard died, and Prince John was able to become King John, and from that , because he was such a tyrant, we got the Magna Carta, the first " Bill of Rights" upon which most of Anglo-Saxon law is based.

Back to the castle, it wasn't a really an important castle, it was only really used to guard and protect the waterways of the Danube, but at that time there were bigger and better ones being used, further down stream. it certainly wasn't one fit for a King.

Anyway during the 30 year war (1618-1648 ) the Swedes came along and destroyed it, and it was never rebuilt.

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Far to many things that hold a beauty of thier own have been destroyed the world over.... history is our making

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