Real meet!!  

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5/15/2005 12:55 am

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Real meet!!

We have been chatting and coresponding with Micha for a few weeks, then finaly on messenger the confirmation that we would be meeting.

As arranged, we phoned on the way to confirm.
We found the hotel, and parked up outside as planned , and phoned again, within 2 mins Micha was there greeting us, we drove into the hotels underground car park, and walked towrds the lift.

Micha very discretly passed my lady her "whores pay" and entered the lift , direct to the floor where our other host was waiting.

We entered the room and introduced ourselves, and then i began slowly to undress my lady, first her blouse then her bra, standing behind her , I began pulling ad her brests , and then hard on her nipples, this always makes her groan, and as I slid my hand into her trousers and down to her pussy lips , they were, as expected already very wet.

I quickly removed her remaining clothes , then carried on squeezing her breast , and fingering her pussy.

Gerhardt our host was also now undressed and shoved his finger also into her hard, while biting her nipple, Micha began taking a few photographs, then I let them both take over.

They layed her on the bed , and I made myself comfortable in a chair and watched my lady playing out her favorite role, that of a whore being used
roughly by two men.

Gerhardt fingered her , very roughly while forcing his cock into her mouth, almost making her gag,
Micha was the gentler one , carressing her
while he played with her breasts, all the time micha reached for his camera and took a few good shots.

Mostly she was sucking and jerking Gerhardt off , while Micha took her from behind.

There followed about an hour of hard fucking, wanking, fingering, sucking, and licking untill she had come at least four times.

Eventually all were spent and exausted.

We spent a little time talking about a few good ideas that micha has , for groups and couples , and then we parted.

It always pleases me, and her especialy, when after such dates the men are alwas so appreciative of her, and the good byes always so warm and friendly, we will definatly keep in touch with Micha.

We drove off to an Irish pub , where we drank a guiness , and had a bite to eat, and listerned to the good music.
when we returned home, I roughly ordered her to undress, but to leave her black lace holdups on , and roughly took her in all our favorite positions, untill we too where spent and exausted.

After so long seaching we finally achieved one of our fantaies , it was not quiet as we had planned , but came very close, it's a shame that there are not more gentlemen on A F F like these two.

GangBangsGirl 33M/33F

5/17/2005 10:05 pm

Why didn't you invite me me along too, i would have loved to help you out , lol
loves and lots of kisses , Beccy

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