Fantasy- A pleasent evening  

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10/8/2005 2:12 am

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Fantasy- A pleasent evening

I was told to get myself ready for a slightly different night with my master. He gave me 30 minutes to bath, shave and change into my slave costume. When I came out the bathroom all done as he ordered me to, I saw that he rearranged the front room to free the wooden beams on the wall and he prepared leather straps for tying me up there.

He then put a porn film in the DVD Player, tied my hands on my back and left the house telling me not to move until he got back. When he had gone my fanny lips where twitching and I could not comfort myself. I tried to squirm on the seat but that did not help much and with my hands tied behind my back I could not touch my hot lips.

After what seemed like ages to me he comes back talking to two men that were total strangers to me. He comes in and touches my pussy telling them that I have been a naughty girl because I have a dripping wet pussy. He bends me over the sofa and gives me a few hard slaps on my arse which makes my pussy even more wet. Then he ties me up on the wooden beam and tells to be quiet and not say anything.

The men sit down and watch the porn film together while talking to each other about the people fucking in the film and sometimes saying what they are going to do to me. Every now and again my master leans over to check my pussy and if it is not to his satisfaction to give me a few hard slaps. One of the strangers asks him if he can play with me and my master tells him to just go ahead. He thrusts his hand between my legs quite roughly and I squirm with my pussy all over it. He pulls my lips and the other man is no longer just watching the film but watching what is happening to me.

My master pulls my nipples hard and I scream out. He then asks me who said that I could scream, this calls for punishment. He tells the stranger to let go of me. He then gets the riding crop out and gives me a few real hard whacks on my arse. The strangers are watching intently and playing with their erect cocks. My master now unties my hand from the wooden beam and ties them up behind my back again. He pulls me by the hair and puts my mouth forcefully on the first strangers cock. I really love the feeling of this hard cock in my mouth and I get quite excited. He askes the stranger wheather I am doing all right and when he doesn't answer straight away he gives me a few hard slaps with the riding crop just for good measure.

Suddenly I feel another cock being pushed inside my already aching pussy. I meet this cock hard with every stroke while I am sucking hard on the other cock. My master gives me slaps on the tits and the bum with his hands and I just melt with all this attention and have a blistering orgasm, nearly swallowing the cock in my mouth and absolutely soaking the cock in my pussy.

First now my master pulls me roughly up and asks me who allowed me to come. I tell him that it is because of what was being done to me and he says that I was told to be quiet and I have to be punished yet again. He asks the strangers who wants to punish me and how. One says that he thinks I need to have a few hard slaps on my pussy that would teach me. The other ones thinks the riding crop on my nipples would also teach me a lesson. The master told them to go ahead I am all theirs and he would be content to watch.

As I was receiving a punishment from two strangers my master casually thrust his erect cock in my mouth and told me to watch out whatever happens and not dare to hurt his cock.

I have still got a wet pussy and am aching for hard thrusts in it while receiving my punishment. However the hard slaps on my fanny seem to dry me up a little bit even so my nipples are slapped with the riding crop and my masters big erect cock is in my mouth.

Suddenly my master pulls his cock out my mouth tells the men to stop now that it is enough (thank god for that I do not know how much more I could take.) and ties me spread-eagled on my stomack across the table. Now they are coming in to me from all directions. I am being really fucked hard and I lay there and am just loving it. A cock in my pussy, one in my mouth and the third one in front of my eyes wanking and alternating with the cock in my mouth. The guy behind me is touching my clitoris slightly while he is fucking me and as he touches it I come again and the hot juices over his cock make him come too. He pulls his cock out, rips the condom off and squirts his hot come all over my well red arse cheeks.

This gets the other stranger going and while my master gets into position behind me the other stranger nearly gags my mouth and pulls my head hard and rythmicly onto his cock while pulling my nipples hard. Then he thrusts his balls in my face and starts wanking off which takes only seconds until his come squirts all over my face.

My master then stops fucking me pulls out of me and unties me. We sit down together have a cigarette and a drink and just talk for a while. After about half an hour the men make their excuse to leave and leave a token 100 Euros each on the table which I take and put in my whores purse to spend on sexy toys.

After they left my Master tells me that I have been a naughty girl and will receive some punishment tomorrow for being so willing and obliging with two total strangers. He then leads me to the bedroom lays me on the bed spreads my legs and thrusts his cock inside me. I want to make him come and meet each thrust until he just empties his balls inside my still dripping wet pussy. We both fall asleep almost immediately me dreaming of my future punishment he probably dreaming of punishing me.

rm_EE407 41F
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10/29/2005 5:44 am

Thanks for sharing that one... I'll be asking Q's at the eht meet...

Now just to think up some wicked questions... lol

Hugz E.

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10/20/2005 10:49 am

it is very got my cock erect immediately

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