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Famous Orators

This blog is inspired by

TheQuietGuy2005 and his latest blog

I love listening to and reading speeches, great orators have always fasinated me, here is a list of 10 inspiring speeches , that are mostly well known.

"There are two arts which raise men to the highest places of preferment:
one is that of the great soldier, the other that of the accomplished orator;
for by the former the glories of peace are preserved, by the later the perils of war are driven away.

1. Martin Luther king
"I have a dream"
28th August 1963 Lincoln Memorial Wahinton D.C.

2. Mahatma Gandhi
" Non-violence is the first article of my faith" 23rd March 1922
Abmadabad Court House Amamabad India (during his trial for sedition)

3. Queen Elizabeth I
"I have the heart and stomach of a king"
9th August Tilbury London, ( addressing her troops before the defeat of the Spanish Armarda)

4. William Pitt (the elder)
"Where law ends, There tyranny begins"
9th January 1770 House of Lords London

5. Nelson Mandela
"An ideal for which I am prepared to die for"
20th April 1964 during his trial where he was charged under South Africa's Suppression of Communisum Act

6. George Washington
"Observe good faith and justice toward all nations"
17th September 1796
Washingtons farewell address to Congress

7. Emmeline Pankhurst
"The laws that men have made"
24th March 1908

8. John F.Kennedy
"A new generation of Americans"
20th January 1961
Inaugural address to Congress

9. Winston Churchill
"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil,tears
and sweat"
13th May 1940
House of Commons London

10. Patrick Henry
" Give me liberty, or give me death"
23rd March 1775
St. John's church, Richmond Virginia U.S.A

" The business of the orator is not to convince, but to persuade;not toinform, but to rouse the mind; to build upon the habitual prejudices of mankind (for reason itself will do nothing) and to add feeling to prejudice and action to feeling"

William Hazllitt on William Pitt the Elder.

The real secret of great speakers and orators is :
to believe with great passion and with all your heart and soul, in what you are saying and what you wish to achieve.

Do you have a favorite speech that inpires you , or a favorite orator or oratory ?
tell me

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