Diary of a Proffesional Couple , who like "to let go" at weekends  

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Diary of a Proffesional Couple , who like "to let go" at weekends

We are a married couple 55 m and 43 F we enjoy our roleplaying , at the moment our favorite game is that I play a whore, this I do very well and have been complimented and paid well for my "services"(only roleplaying ,) : in fact I find the role of whore very suitable as I am capable of having sex and enjoying it almost at any time.

I just need the stimulus of a man who likes to flirt a small drink or two, and a good spanking from my husband and I can be realy wild. I love oral sex, both giving and receiving.

My husband always gives me a "mouthfucking" as he calls it and I can take it for as long as necessary. All night if he demands it.
The same goes for intercourse, I donr know my record but I can keep up with any "longstayer" I love to be taken long , hard and as rough as you like.

One of the advantages of our roleplaying is that , afterwards - sometimes on the same night , or maybe the next day , my husband and master will punish me for being such a whore , something that I dearly love. This consists of me being severly spanked , sometimes whilst being tied up and unaable to move and sometimes with the riding crop. Therefor from our games I + my master get double the pleasure. During our dates he is sometimes active, but sometimes pasive depending on the mood and atmoistphere.He loves to see me having a good time ,and by that I mean being well and truely fucked.

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