Beating about the Bush III  

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7/13/2006 11:40 pm

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Beating about the Bush III

Well he came and went, the Most Endangered/Dangerous Man in the World.

His Plane touched down in the dead of night at a small military airport, then a 40 or so black limo convoy to his hotel.The same convoy left promptly the following morning for the drive, though deserted streets, to the town hall.
It would appear that only one news team was allowed to film, as all the TV staions showed the same film.

Awaiting him at the town hall were some 600 specialy invited guests, including over 300 pupils from the nearby marine school. About 800 guests were in fact invited.

He was met by the Chancellor, the States Prime Minister, and the Mayor. The deputy Prime Minister and some other ministers together with about half of the town councillors were attending the demo against his visit, on the edge of town. About 3,500 trade unionists, Greenpeace, various peace groups and local people turned up to show their disaproval of his visit and his politics.
Greenpeace, in fact managed to hang out a protest banner from a building opposite the town hall, but it was soon removed by the security people.

After a two hour chat, he left for his hotel by helicopter, he was later seen , along with a huge posse of security, fully kitted out on a mountain bikes racing around the grounds of the hotel, where he and his gang of sicophants are staying.

Later in the afternoon he visited an historic old church, where the vicar explained in great detail about the newly restored alter, that had been damaged in many wars, and how it was now seen as a symbol of peace by the locals.

Then off to the Bar.B.Q in a neighbouring town again to meet the Chancellor and about 1000 specially invited guests, that turned out to be mostly dignitaries from the Chancellors own political party.

I should add that there are elections soon in this federal state, and the Chancellors party are the oppostion party, the State Government is a coalition of the Social Democrates and the Left Party, as are most of the town, and county councils in the area.

So 20 million Euros of taxpayers money spent on an election campaign.

From the interviews shown on television later with the locals, it would appear that the majority would have prefered that he didn't come.
One stated, refering to the closed off streets, barbed wire, and the body guards, that it was just like the good old days of communism, when the party bosses used to visit. Another compared him to a foreign Potentate that had come to collect his tribute.

4biddenlove4us 49F

7/24/2006 9:06 pm

He is what I call new "The Omen" of today
Sorry for taking so long to visit your blog, you right some interesting stuff that involves some of the work I do so might visit here more often. Thanks for being a great supporter

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