It's a new day  

FyreFyter4Sex 49M
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5/19/2006 10:21 am
It's a new day

It's a good day. Could be warmer but good none the less. I'd like to start off by thanking Jackie for her advice. As you can see I actually took some of it and used it. And I do read profiles, a lot of them don't even have pictures. I'm not THAT shallow. lol

I'm going to try and clear up the whole 'having the same profile' thing I've seen. I saw a profile that was apologizing for using a standard form profile. Kind of a fill in the blank thing. I didn't realize they had that on here so I want to look and see if what I've been seeing is one of those. Or, it is a bot (most likely cuz that's how I think lol) and I'm paying good money to have them pop up in my searches. lol

Thanx again for walking thru my world. It really is a fun place to be. lol

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