Arrogant Fahqers!!!!  

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11/4/2005 8:01 am

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Arrogant Fahqers!!!!

Forgive me friends, but I need to get this vented and out before it erodes my thoughts into an unrecognizable puddle of muck.

I have no intention of naming names, due in part that friends of mine in the chatroom are friends of those I'm referring to.

I am so fragging sick to death of people in chat who think they are SOOOOO superior to everyone and anyone else there. I'm actually proud of my self-control that I did not spoil the morning by wanting to throw up in the face of a certain someone who holds herself in such high esteem, that all the men in the room should be absolutely grateful just to be permitted to see her written words. As well as think that, just because they possess what they believe to be a sexually attractive form, they probably view the pics of some of the not-so-goddesslike bodies, and think they rule the room because they believe some men will want them more.

The same goes for a couple of men, who brown-nose their way into the same, elitist circle, by kowtowingly agreeing with said self-centered libertine. Not all of us are rocket scientists, 6'100" bodybuilding business owning, harley riding, 22" long prick endowed manly men. Some of us believe in being honest to a fault, and that dooms us to being nothing more than average jesters.

Yes, there are those of us who show a little immaturity with our humor, that does not make us "boys" in any sense of definition. Some get a little overenthusiastic, jumping on every poor woman who barely gets in the room, and I can't imagine how intensely annoying that must be.

And above everything else, those more perfect than us, somehow feel the need to continually shove their self-appointed nobility into the room. Conceivably, this might be to instigate conflict, helping them to weed out the insignificant.

In any rate, I'm sick of it, beyond reason. I probably have no real right expressing myself this way, because there have been times in chat where I find someone is so pathetically stupid, ungentlemanly, and as irritating as finding that one piece of eggshell in an otherwise perfect omelette. I have gone off on them myself, maybe because I have a certain amount of belief that, if you're going to use a computer, for whatever reason, work or play, learn how to express yourself properly, grammar and spelling are free, USE it.

Now, IF anyone reads this, I'm sure I'll receive a barrage of replies, in various ranges of sentiment. To my friends here, if anything I've said offends you in the slightest, I am incredibly sorry, this is not directed at you. If you fit the bill of my subjectivity here, and it offends you, then: 1. Thank you for helping me make my point, and 2. Pick a cheek and pucker up...

Cripes, I need a nap....

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