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2/19/2006 8:30 pm

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I find myself once again in Melbourne, I travel a lot and was not sure when I would be back in the city which has grown to be my home. Having a schedule such as my recent one has left me not knowing where anyone is, most of my friends are currently travelling also.

I find it remarkable how alike we are to our core group of frineds. All having simmilar views and attitudes towards life. While at the same time we are so different, working in vastly different fields, voting for different governments etc. I then think about it and remenber how supprised how alike I have found people in all corners of the world, be it europe or asia, the middle east or northern america. Fundamentally we are all very simmilar.

Why, if this is the case, do we find that our sexuality seems so unique to us as individuals. In this I mean, we often find it difficult to discuss sexual preferences and fetishes, when fundamentally I suspect we all have rather simmilar desires.

Is it a confidence thing, or a circumstance thing, which allows some of us to have experienced so much more than the rest? Dont get me wrong, I have experienced a lot in my time, but with relatively few partners as I tend to explore the relationship as much as possible, rather than multiple one night or short term experiences. What is it that makes us different in this way? Have I just been lucky to find people I can live with for a year or five, or have I missed out by not experiencing the excitement of those short term flings?

These are some of the questions I hope to explore here, along with the various fetishes and intrigues I have with sexual experimentation. Ladies and couples, I would love to have your thoughts and desires shared with me as I explore this world and learn also about online sexuality, which is an entirely new experience for me.

Till next time, hope you have not been too bored and feel you can share thoughts with me.

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