Reality Distortion Field..  

Funinspotsy 52M
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10/28/2005 6:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Reality Distortion Field..

Hmmm, are there actually real people hear at AdultFriendFinder?
Sometimes I wounder.
Well, at least I do about the women anyhow.
There's so many hard dicks swinging in here at AdultFriendFinder, you'd be lucky not to poke your eye out with one of them. : )
Also seems to me that a 1/3 of the ladies are looking for the same thing as us guys,....Pussy.
Not that I have a problem with that, other than the additional competition for the women. : )

I was hoping to find a local person during the day to hook up with occasionaly, but they seem to be few and between on the female side. You would think that all these soccer mom's with the kids in school for the day, would find an hour or so to endulge in earthly delights.
I think it would be fun to hook up with someone local, and meet them in a public place,...Park, walking trail, graveyard...ect, and for the first visit, have some xtra heavy petting, and some tounge swapping action,
but no sex, then plan on a second meeting somewhere, and see if all the tounge action and rubbing of cock and crotch lead to the, " Just stick the head in it " in a public place. Idealy, a skirt, or dress without underwear would be the perfect thing to wear for easy access to feel that hot wet pussy.
Now...., that's not to say that I don't enjoy the more traditional tear your clothes off and throw them on the floor, lay or stand on the (bed, floor, couch, kitchen table, fill in your own word) and have some serious orgasmatic, head rush, fucking!
But that's another story... ; )
Alright..., time to go surf some porn.
All this writing about sex has made me horny.

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