My First Taste  

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9/4/2005 6:49 pm

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My First Taste

Ok, this late…but here it is.

After a long time of searching for my first taste of a woman’s pussy, my fantasy finally was fulfilled a few weekends ago.

We met through Friend Finder and chatted many times on the phone. It was decided that we would love to meet each other and it was planned for the next weekend.

They came to our house. Of course, we wondered if we would like each other when we finally met. But that was something that we didn’t need to worry about. They were great and we got along great. There seemed to be many things that we had in common and were able to talk about most anything. They hadn’t ever been to the Sturgis Rally, so being the perfect host we had to show them the hi-lites of the rally.

Both of us girls dressed a bit revealing. Was this to tease each other or to give a bit of a show to all the people who would take a glance while walking down the streets of Sturgis? My hubby had put a homemade nipple ring on my right nipple. He knows that it keeps it hard as ever and turns me on. The site and thot of it enticed my newfound friend to have one. Well, the gentleman that my hubby is, of course, he had to make her one and apply it too. So we were off to the Rally and some teasing. I am sure that it was quite an experience for them.

On the way back home her homemade nipple ring was bothering her so I got the pleasure of removing it for her. Just about tore her poor ole nipple trying to get the ring off….darn those railroad tracks.

But the best was to come when we got home. It was started with a warm-up in the hot tub. And boy was I warming up. While enjoying the relaxing bubbles I take the chance to play with her nipples and tease her pussy. Oh boy, oh boy did I like that. The hot tub was a start to a great evening and we moved on to more tempting things.

Drinks were made for everyone and down the stairs we went to play pool. She decided to do a bit of a lingerie show while the rest of us chose to remain unclothed. To bad (or maybe not) it was bet that whoever lost the game would have to remove an item of clothing. She lost the first so there went the neglige. Oops, lost another and there went the high heeled boots. We played a few games of pool with some teasing going on.

Now came the best part. We moved to the living room where my hubby took the liberty to put on a porn movie. My favorite porn shows are those with girl on girl. What a turn on. We made fun of the movie and discussed what we could do better. Things were moving along slowly. I snuck my hand over and started to play with her left nipple. That wasn’t enough…I wanted more. I took the liberty to start nibbling and sucking on her nipples. Oh my, did I like that. I loved to have my nipples sucked on and always wondered what it was like to suck on another woman’s nipples the way that I like.

I made my move…moving down from her breasts to her belly, to her pussy. Fully shaved and very moist. Oh what the heck, I want to taste that pussy. I slid off the couch down to the floor and started fingering her pussy. She spread her legs wide giving me full access to her hot spot. I inserted one finger in her juicy pussy and found her “G” spot. I moved down and put my tongue on her pussy lips and lapped her pussy from her clit on down. She was moaning so I knew that she was enjoying what I was doing. I continued fingering her pussy and licking on her clit. Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier. She begged me to put more fingers in her pussy and fuck her. Who was I to argue? I continued licking her clit and pussy lips….she was getting wetter and wetter and moaning more and more. I was fucking her with my fingers, finding her “G” spot. I knew that she was getting closer to cumming and I couldn’t wait. It didn’t take her long to cum all over my fingers and I was ready to lap up all the juices. Oh my gosh was that good. She tasted so sweet. I wanted to lick it all up. And to say the least, I want more!

She sat me down and said it was my turn for her to return the favor. Oh my, I could hardly wait. But I will let her tell the rest of the story.

Oh and I guess I better not forget the guys. They were so hot from watching that they about exploded. And what could we girls do to help them? Well, a blow job of course. The guys thoroughly enjoyed it even if they didn’t get to touch the other spouse.

Thanks J, it was great!

Can’t wait to read your story!

sexysweetlover25 37F

9/4/2005 7:19 pm

Very happy for you. As long as you know what feels good to you, you'll make an exellent lover to your woman friend. Keep on licking

3wayinSD 47M/42F

9/9/2006 1:04 pm

Hmmm... the husbands didn't touch the other spouse. This is just where we are looking to start. Looking forward to hear from you.

Fun_n_Friends_bh replies on 9/9/2006 8:45 pm:
Look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps we can get together and discusss our options.

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