Alien Language Class 101  

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Alien Language Class 101

O.K. - I'v decided to see how far I can go with inventing a new language (or am I just extending?)...this is not in preparation for space travel as I am quite comfortable remaining on this planet for a couple more rounds of golf.

Note: So far I have only 3 words that have come to me. It has taken 2 years. Only words that are brought to me by dreamwalking are considered worthy. At this rate, this new language will have a vocabulary of approximately 53 words by my 128th year on earth.


A "Kiri" is the initial formation of a thought. It is SIMILAR but not the same as the exact moment of realisation that a profound thought has occurred and the sudden understanding of the essential nature or meaning of something becomes manifest in reality. THAT would be an epiphany. A Kiri applies to ALL thought formation. There are varying degress of Kiri awareness. The level of Kiri awareness can be either consciously recognised or sought. Sub-conscious Kiri thought is considered by some Higher beings to be inferior. Hence the term:
"!Kiri". This is meant to be a derogatory (take the piss) term when someone is daydreaming and not focused on a task at hand. The "!" is a 'tick' sound made by placing the toungue on the roof of your mouth as in forming the sound for the letter 't'.

examples of usage:
(1) "When I was out walking, I had a Kiri".
(2) "With determination and focus we set about to seek a solution, each searching for a kiri construct to help".
(3) I was having thoughts about something I didn't want to think about. I decided to attack the kiri of these thoughts.
(4) The people of ^^< are such fucking butcher-heads. I would even go as far as to say that they are also !Kiri.

Closest words with a similar meaning in earth english would be: epiphany, muse, ponder, or premonition.

FunSeekerInTheSu 39M

7/20/2006 1:51 am

I Enjoyed your Blog too - I arrived at your world this afternoon after following comments from other people I had warmed to. Trust the Goats are doing well...

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