Is this site meant for anything more than email  

FunOnCall 47M
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7/10/2005 4:27 pm

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2/16/2010 8:41 am

Is this site meant for anything more than email

It appears that most of the women on here are annoyed by receiving email? It's wierd because how else are you supposed to contact someone? I personally feel AdultFriendFinder is a waste of my time. The girls just look and sound like a lot of fun, but impossible to meet LOL. I would like to find one girl/woman for an ongoing friendship

AngelaMarie24 36F

7/23/2005 6:17 pm

You sound perfect.I was so starting to think this was a waste of my time as well.While not all the guys that have contacted me are,not my ttpe to say the least,most of them,in my oppinion only think with one part of their bodies.Sex is great,but there is so much more to look forward to.You remind me of a guy I use to date.His name was Rusty.So,when do you return to Ga? I hope you will keep in touch.Its hard to find someone you really click with.I also just started a new group.The Middle of No Where.We can chat there at times,if you like.To find it and join,just go to my profile at the bottom of the page.Hope to talk with you soonJust reply to my blog.Or email me here at AdultFriendFinder.

kittyprfect4u2 38F
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4/25/2007 2:01 am

little heart you are such a profound thinker. Of course you are right e-mail is the point. Do women actualy get annoyed with you? with a picture like yours? I must say you let it all hang out, and that is kittyprfect4me2.
don't change don't get annoyed, just be who you are stud muffin. write you later. angelaMarie24 you have perfect taste dear, maybe you and Mr. funOnCall would like to get together with me for a little______________. takecare friend. kittyprfect4u2

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