ill try blogging  

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6/21/2005 12:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

ill try blogging

so i guess im sposd to write about that im doing and stuff? like a diary? Well cool. well just dont expect much great stuff.

Well today we just got back to the truck from a cool party at the same place we partyd last night. A bunch of bikers in charlotte had a cuple motel room and are old buddys of the trucker dudes im hitching a ride with. They had a party going and we went last night and the night before.
One of the biker dudes.
He calls himself razr.
Hes got a RAZR tattoo wrapped around his arm.
He gave me a ride on his Harly. God it was soooo cool, with the vibrations and the noise i couldnt walk strait or hear after it was over.
So anyway he kinda picked me to be his so that was totally cool.
He wasnt even real rough or kinky to me. He locked us in the bathroom in one of the motel rooms and we ran a bubble bath and kinda soaked together for a cuple hours.
I even got my first ever foot massage.
I got to see all his tattoos and he got to see whatever he wanted.
He kept saying like "this is where id put this tattoo or piercing on u"
Hes a huge huge guy, like way over six feet and said he was almost 300 pounds. hes got a huge gray beerd and bald head. He looks relly mean but isnt, anyway not to me.

Anyway this time he was there again and took me on another ride but alot longer out to a cabin so we could stay by ourself. We made a campfire.
No bubble bath this time but we had fun.
He brought me back to the truck and im waiting for my truck dudes to come back from wherever they ended up.

Tomorrow were leaving for VABeach and after we deliver the truck load were going to the beach for the whole rest of the day and hookup with some other dudes these guys know.

Razr says he wants to keep me for his own.
He says hes got his own computer biz so thats cool but i said i really really reaelly wanted to see the beach and stuff so he said to keep his phone number and call if i wantd to come back hed even send me a plane ticket where ever i was so all i had to do was get to an airport and call collect. Lol, sweet dude!!!

So is that enuf for my first blog thing?
I guess ill write another when we get to the beach?


foxfyre841 35M

6/22/2005 9:36 pm

Sounds pretty cool, keep with the updating and good luck (he's lucky too thought, you're ptretty cute. Course this is my first post so... ehhhh sorry I didn't put as much in it as you put in your blog.

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