Back to the Grind !  

FunGuy20653 46M
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7/5/2006 8:33 am
Back to the Grind !

Hello to all!

Well, the long holiday weekend is over, and we must all return to our normal lives...bummer!! lol

However, I can hope that everyone had a good holiday, and not too many of you out there were injured by I saw my fireworks on July 3, which worked out well since they were rained out here Tues. night. I may see some tonight, who

Well...I really don't have much more to report here. Was great to see my family, that was a nice visit. Saw some friends over the vacation as well, and that was just as good, but in a different, more sticky way...hehehe.

But I will say this...I am sick of all this damn rain! It stormed so badly last night that fireworks were cancelled. Heavy lightning and heavy rains, enough already! And some people say global warming is just a theory!! I think not .

However, a nice rainstorm can be good. Those of you who have had wild sex in the rain can attest to that. So I ask you all....who has had sex in the rain recently?? And if so...was it all it was cracked up to be?

Sorry, but I'm stuck for topics lately. All you readers out there are welcome to come up with some ideas for me. Throw me some ideas already!!


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