God I  

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3/5/2006 2:43 am

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God I

Happy to have made the aquaintence of a lovely lady, one of the ladies I mentioned I'd been talking to in my previous blog entry.
After initial nerves, we both relaxed and got very chatty over a couple of drinks in a cosy warm pub.
I think we both knew we wanted to move on, but we got to that awkward "shall we/shant we", "Do you want to? well do you want to" moment
(It felt like everyone in the quiet little pub was watching trying to decide if we we're going to or not.

Anyways, after adjourning to the cold frost covered car, some more "shall we", "do YOU want to" discussion we decided we did so off we set on a 10 minute drive to a local motel,
At 3 am, both happy(hopefully) and weaked kneed, a little tired we set off for for our respective homes.

If a certain lady reads this entry, then I'd like to say thank you for a lovely evening in such charming and stimulating company, I look forward a next time hopefully.

Edited to add :
I've since had a short email from the lady concerned saying she had a nice evening, hope I did to, and that there wont be another in future as she wants more of the full relationship thing.

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