Train Wreck  

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4/25/2006 10:11 pm

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Train Wreck

You ever start something with the best of intentions and then somewhere down the line you realize it's pretty much turned into a total fucking wreck. Not that I'm the one who made it a wreck mind you but I watched as it went on and tried nothing to stop it. But I did stylishly hold up my end of it so as not to appear to be the direct cause of said wreck.

Blah blah blah.....who cares anyway. Well I did have a great IMing little time with Insaneindamembln who is turning out to quite possibly be one of the quippiest fellows I've ever met. A sharp wit and a love of sarcasm.....(thinking) Was there any doubt that this is the kinda of person that I might talk to.
Okay so it's kinda dawning on me that much like the large, hairy, lonely, gentleman of antique age range that buy russian mail order brides, everyone on this site is shopping for ass. But you get to pick the size, shape, model, color, and shipping of said person and there's no need to have a down payment. Let's just say I wanted a 185lb man, in his mid-20's, 8 inch penis, with two kids, in a single home, about 20 miles away from me,brown eyes, brown hair, and an intriguing knowledge of post war central european literature, and a slight gap. He'd be like a in twenty minutes or less.
But if I ask one of my friends if they know a guy anything like that I'd hear two words....BITCH PLEASE. Is this an imaginary scenerio...yes. Does it change the fact that this shit is fucking unbelieveable, no. It's a time saver for sure. But what if it turns into one of those things where just before you start banging the crap out a guy like he's a salvation army drum you find out...:

"Hey, he's almost kinda like someone I'd actually date"

or even more odd

"We've been doing this sex thing for awhile and I accidently went and bought you a present for your birthday"

or even weirder

"Daddy how did you meet Mommy?"...." Well son I asked for a horny slut with 36dd breast that lived 2 miles from me with curly blonde hair and your mom had the straightest teeth outta all of em."

Hmmmmmmm.....Did I have a point at all when I started this? I don't know. I never wanted blonde kids anyway. LOVE

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