Fullcontactgirl 36F
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7/8/2006 5:23 pm

Went canoeing with my bestfriend Jake. Ok...maybe be not canoeing more like rafting...ok not like rafting, rafting. Somehow the salesgirl talked me into the raft because the waters at Mohiccan were a little on the high side and as soon as she said the word tip, I was pretty much done. I'm not that whimppy it's just I had my ends clipped and my hair set the day's a black thing I feel like I should stop explainning myself now. But anyway I had one of those momments when your faith in the whole human race seems to be so undeniably evident that everyone sort of joins in. I met a lady in the bathroom and we talked for about ten minutes and laughed. I met a cute couple on the river and we talked and hung out...well not outta the raft but on the water. I said I wished we had stopped for beer first and a guy threw me one. I talk to an adorable waitress and a gas attendant. It was like I was swimming in politeness! I loved it! And everything just taste a little better and the air is a bit cleaner when people just.... act like good people. It's like that saying I went for a burger but I stayed for the pie. I went for canoeing but I enjoyed it for the conversation.

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