You ladies got it goin' on!  

Fugawe13 35M
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7/9/2006 9:20 am
You ladies got it goin' on!

Man, went to St. Louis this weekend and there were hot ladies all over the place! There was one I especially remember. She was about 5'8", tanned and toned with soft, straight blond hair just past her shoulders. She wore these sexy little flip flops with a blue jean miniskirt and a yellow sleeveless tank. From the looks of her tight thies I know she had a rock hard ass, ooh I just want to drum on her butt! Anyway, nice breasts that are perky and just a handful with soft pouty pink lips. I wanted to corner her in some remote location of the zoo and bend her over and have my way with her. I'll bet she was wearing a thin little thong under there, if any underwear at all. With all the trouble my gf and I are having (can you believe she secretly records our conversations?!?) I should have asked her out! She was not married, I checked for a ring, and she makes me wish I lived in St. Louis. She was with two little kids but they had to have been a brother and sister.

Anywho, the arch was a blast to see and being an engineer I am amazed at how it was built and how huge it is. All in all a great weekend!

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