Poke one in there!  

Fugawe13 35M
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6/27/2006 6:40 pm
Poke one in there!

The quote from a lady on my softball team, whose husband happened to be batting, that won us our first game! As soon as she said it she knew it was dirty but too late. Anyway, he did in fact poke it in there, right down the middle to be precise, and we scored the winning run because of that timely poke. I'll bet he did some more poking later that night being the hero and all. Ok, enough of that, I think I beat that horse to death.

So, I'm excited to post blogs on this site now. Nobody has read any of them yet but it's really nice to get my thoughts out of my head. It's actually quite relaxing and my mind doesn't race about the rest of the night preventing me from getting some decent sleep. Ooh, I just thought of a good poll.

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