Dominance, anyone?  

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2/24/2006 3:50 pm

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Dominance, anyone?

When a man goes on a date he wonders if he is going to get lucky. A woman already knows. ~Frederike Ryder

At last! It seems like it has been ages since I have had the time to talk to you. Its been very busy for me since my last post.

I am still finding women here in the sunshine state both very sexy and unusually vexing. What is wrong with being with a man who is assertive? Or, in other words, is being with a dominant man such a bad thing these days?

Now hold on, hold on - I can already see your eyebrows raise upon reading that last sentance. I mean - just the word "Dominant" in a sentance is enough to send a negative shiver down your spine right? But lets be objective for just one or two more paragraphs - and take a look at the word and the concept of dominance. Because its not all about whips, chains or being ordered about.

I have a dominant personality. What does that mean exactly? Well: I enjoy order. Period. Nothing complicated about that, right? As spontaneous as I can be romantically (and I can be quite unpredictable) I seldom do anything without some level of planning...even if the level of planning done is very passive in nature. For example:

- If I know you have a particular taste, or enjoy something unique or special, I'll make sure to work it into our day or evening. If you like roses, one will be on our reserved table in a cosy resturant. If you fancy a certain type of wine, it will be in your glass as we sit and enjoy some lite jazz at my place.

- I keep schedules in my head...dates, times, events - I remember schedules like some people have a knack for remembering numbers. So, if I say to you that I'll meet you at a certain place and time, its because I know that that place is open - or the crowd is light at that time, or that the kitchen is still open even though its late at night (or early in the morning). I'm the guy that will be at the airport two hours before departure time - or three hours if its an international flight. Im seldom late - and always call when I am on my way or am delayed....

- And probably most important, I am not judgemental in the slightest way. I dont spank you verbally if you are late for a date (thought I cant say that you wont recieve a few playful pats during intercourse at the first available opportinity! ) Seriously, I am not the type of guy to frown or complain - Im far to mellow to be melodramatic in times of stress.

I am that kind of friend that can come to the rescue when things are beginning to fall apart. I always listen, and am prepared to act when you need me to. While I am a busy person with my own stresses to manage, easing your stress tends to ease mine. Im empathic that way.

To be all these things requires a certain level of control - both self control and confidence in myself. To be the kind of person who is calm in the face of adverse circumstances would require vision - to be able to see both the course we are on and the finish line in the distance...and plan a route that can take us both to our goals and desires. To be unjudgemental requires a guy to be both trusting and respectful - and at peace with the world around him. And because I tend to treat people like I would like to be treated, I am never a bully, or abusive in any fashion.

So - I am a dominant male. I am assured, calm, confident and strong. In my company you will know for sure the phrase 'everything will be alright' is much more than a mere cliche - its a truth you can put your faith and trust in. You can ask just about anything of me, and I'll do what it takes to turn your desire into reality. And I would never ask you to do anything that isnt already in your mind to do for me.

Does that mean I am looking for a submissive woman? Or that I believe that two type A personalities cant mix and mingle? No on both counts. All I believe is that any relationship should be based on give and take between equals. I would gladly give you whatever you need to keep you smiling and satisified...and take just enough from you to leave you wet and spent behind closed doors.

Now, all that said: does being with a 'dominant male'...someone tall, dark and handsome like me...sound like such a bad thing?

Have to run now. Am going out to the movies tonight...then out for a drink after that. Have to mentally prepare myself for what may be a very interesting weekend...

And again, my apologies for the pause between postings. We'll talk again on Sunday.

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