I've been putting this off for a while  

FuckyMcbanger 31M
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5/31/2006 10:32 pm

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6/1/2006 4:23 pm

I've been putting this off for a while

Ok well I am fairly new to AdultFriendFinder but recently started trying to get more involved because im getting mroe desperate as the months go by

I'm wondering if i can find someone or a couple people to check out my profile and possibly give me some pointers on how to type up a better one Because i really would like to meet someone

I have been single for almost 3 years I'm only 20 so that kinda sucks the last girl i had really fucked with my head its a long story so i wont get into it but plain and simple..ever since i broke up with her i have had trouble meeting/talking to women

Don't get me wrong i am a very confident person but like i said in my profile i lose every bit of confidence i have once i meet a girl that i like i always assume they are not interested therefore i dont try. i am shy when it comes to women and i just dont understand why im looking for some advice if anyone can help me that would be awesome

I'm really not looking to fuck fuck fuck anything that walks and has a vagina.. I'm really just looking for someone that i can really click with i want to love someone i want to be loved sex is great but honestly im not every other guy and thats not the most important thing to me. i can masterbate all i want but i cant hug, kiss and cuddle myself. i want to be able to lay down with a pretty girl watch a movie or talk for hours shit i dont care i just want a girl that i can spend my free time with...i dont want to sound needy but hell at the moment i am.. i mean im from up north and i just recently moved to orlando for school and all i do every day is go to school then go to work then go home go to sleep and wake up and do the same thing over and over again i spend all my free time by myself sometimes i have some friends over but its hard for me to meet girls even if i did have the confidence because for one i dont like going out to clubs or bars and i cant drink there yet anyways..and my school is 99.9% all males and there are no women that i work with so yea there are not many females at all in my life

so i could use some help

thanks in advance

rm_44andsingle2 55F
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6/1/2006 11:27 am

hi,i'm shy myself and i know what you mean about wanting someone to be with...it hard being by yourself and lonely. my advice is to try not to push the issue, just be yourself,they will find you. just be kind and say hi. strike up a conversation with someone ,ask question but never be pushy, rude or crude...that will get you no where fast.If they don't respond then move on. you seem like a very nice guy just be Patience it will happen if it was meant too. anyways take care and have some fun,,,don't take life too serious ok...

FuckyMcbanger 31M
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6/1/2006 12:33 pm

thanks for your reply i do appreciate it

and i understand that pushing the issue is n the answer which is why i try not too im deffinatly not a pushy rude or crude person i am very respectful to everyone i meet until they give me a reason not to respect them.. i am a genuinely nice guy and people dont seem to beleive me and no one gives me the time of day to sit down and chat with me and get to know me which kind of sucks because i will make a women very happy one of these days but unfortunatly i dont think it will be happening any time soon

everyone always tells me oh your young you have plenty of time blah blah yea whatever. everyone i know has someone to love everyone i know goes out on dates with there girlfriends etc.. i am always invited but why the hell would i want to be the third wheel? that just makes me feel even more like shit. seeing all of my friends and family members have companions really makes me feel like shit especially when they kiss and hug etc in front me it really does suck

and you know whats fucked up i am a sensative guy i'll admit it i am not afraid to share my feelings with a girl and to be honest this is the first time i have ever said anything about my situation to anyone and reason being is because i feel comfortable saying these thigns on this site because im hoping people dont judge me negatively on here but it would be nice to have someone i cant intimately share my feelings with errr i dont know im at a loss

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