Wondering II  

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5/30/2006 2:00 am

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Wondering II

Another sleepless night and I am wondering again.

This time I am wondering how many of you grown ups have little boys and girls that got stuck and never grew up inside of you?

I have a little girl that I made up to protect me from the evils of my childhood. She guards the doors I slammed shut so long ago, and if I try to crack a door open she complains. Sometimes very loudly.

For the most part my inner child wouldn't allow others to get too close, because getting to close to me, meant that the other people would trigger a memory. So what she did was to push those people away.

Not until Stan did anyone get past her. Now some of those tightly closed doors are opening.

Stan has a little boy inside of him, protecting his grown up self from certain things.

So, I am wondering if their are other people like me and Stan or should that be Stan and I, with children inside of them and if so, what happens when you ( the grown up self ) wants something the child inside of you doesn't?

Take care everyone


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