Tuck the end.  

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Tuck the end.

Tuck and his friend were at my home more often than not. Tuck was keeping secrets from us and I was soon to find out why and what he had done.

We had another young man living with us by then. David. David was polite, easy to get along with, not a big drinker but yes into meth and pot.

Tuck was acting so strange. He asked us to get rid of David the why I don't remember. I no longer had any trust for him and one of his long time friends had told us to kick him out. So I was on the watch.

I called David and Tuck up to the living room to talk with both of them. I started by questioning David on what was happening. I was facing David but could see Tuck out of the sides of my eye and he was doing really weird things. First he was standing listening, then he was down on the floor on his back, then on his stomach, then kneeling, then up to a stand again. It was strange behavior even for him. David wouldn't tell me what was going on, so I asked them both to leave the house.

Tuck took off to his long time friends and David stayed behind. After we new that Tuck was gone for sure, David came up to my husband and I and told us that Tuck had stolen our credit cards, had written all the names and numbers down on a piece of paper and was using them. I went to check our bedroom door. It had a lock on it, but what Tuck had done was taken a knife and slid it between the jam and the lock and had popped the door open. The jam was broken, but had been put back on good enough so neither my husband or I noticed. I taped it up as best I could from the inside and decided to wait it out. I needed that slip of paper with the credit card numbers on it so I could then take it to the police and charge Tuck with credit card theft.

It took time. I acted as I always had, not showing anything that might give away the fact that I knew what he was doing. Some small gatherings were still taking place, his druggie friends coming and going. Then one day Tuck left the house in a hurry forgetting the piece of paper, I got it, put it in a clear plastic bag, without handling it too much and hubby and I took it to the police. We filed a report and the police took over. WE called the bank, letting them know what had happened and that we had reported everything to the police.

While we were gone, we heard that Tuck had realized that he had left the paper at home in his room, he had come home, saw that it was gone and had run. He first went to his girlfriends house, but I had her address, so he moved on to another woman's house. The older drug dealer, the one he had fucked. The one Mike had left her house on the night he was killed. She ended up lying to the police. From what I was hearing he moved all over the area to homes of people he barely knew, but the cops couldn't catch him. The last I heard, his then girlfriend had gotten pregnant and they married and moved down towards the Mexico border.

Tuck had charged quite a bit on the credit cards but because we had reported it to the police and called the bank, we were not responsible for the amount. We had all our credit cards stopped and new ones issued.

The thing that bothered me most was that all his friends knew what he had done. He bragged about it too them all. Only David had the guts to come up to us and tell us the truth.

Once Tuck was gone but before he left the area all his"friends" came by to pick up there stuff, taking with them everything that Tuck had borrowed. Tuck did call us and told us we could keep the TV and stereo..Of which we weren't going to give back, but that he needed some of his stuff back and could a friend come and get it. I said yes But I was there the whole time, watching to see what he would take.

My lesson in all this was never to trust anyone with anything ever again. Another lesson was you can't go back in time. As much fun as he was, and his friends they were also way too young for me to be around.

We got off lucky and believe me I know that.

There was a lot more to Tucks story, but I am tired of writing about him. I do wonder if he was ever put in jail for any of the things I am sure he did after leaving us.

Take care everyone.


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