Tuck continued  

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Tuck continued

I want to make it clear to everyone that reads this story, that it's not made up out of my brain, it actually happened. I have changed the names of everyone but myself.

Tuck was so sexually active as to border on an addiction. I also want to say that Tuck never used condoms. I always have wondered why he never got a girl pregnant and what kind of diseases he gave to each of his girls. I mean he fucked some really yucky ladies. Anything that he could towards the end of his stay with us.

I will get to some of that later, now on with the story.

He had a very good friend (Mike) who was as bad an alcoholic and druggie as Tuck was, but very smart, nice, hard working young man.

Mikes dad was a cop and his mom worked for the school district. Mike was super polite and loved being in our home. He and my husband got along great which was a plus. Mike wanted to move in and share a room with Tuck, but every time a spot came up, Tuck would say no, I don't want him here.

OK, your wondering why I listened to him. One of the reasons was because Tuck and him might have to share a room, the other was I was in another place at that time, not thinking clearly since my son had left disowning us. As I look back, yes, I should have had him stay, maybe he would be alive today if I had, but you can't go back.

Mike didn't always take showers, and his feet smelled out of his shoes but Mike himself was a fantastic person.

About a year after Tucked moved in and probably about 6 months after my son left we all got into drugs. Meth. Me included. No the kids did not start me on it. An ex girl friend did. That part of my life is in my story about myself.

Meth the drug of choice for kids of all ages was and still is a major problem. Kids take it for days on end, and when they use it they can't sleep, their reflexes are slower. With me I could only use it for a couple of days at a time and then I was off of it for a week or two. It impairs your driving ability. You take chances on it you wouldn't do if you didn't use it. Of course they had been using it for years off and on. When you are on it, it takes over your entire life. You live for the next hit. You steal for the money to buy it, you will do anything to get it, and that was what was happening with Tuck and Mike and the rest that used it.

Tuck was home with some of his friends that night. Mike was out trying to score some from a friend. An older women in her late 40's that usually had some. I don't know all the particulars but Mike drove away mad from her house. Tuck got a call from someone saying that Mike had been in an accident. I wouldn't let them drive to the accident scene by themselves, so I drove. When we got there the fire department and police were already on the scene. We could see Mikes little VW burned and sitting on the side of the road. Mike was in it. The medics hadn't arrived yet so we could see Mike burned sitting in his burned car. Tuck and his 3 friends were besides themselves. You can imagine. Their best friend and likable young man who would never get the chance to grow up, dead in plan view.

I stayed for about an hour, then Tuck came over gave me a hug, said thank you for everything I had done that night, and that he and his friends would be spending sometime with another friend mourning Mikes death. Tuck stayed away for 3 days then came home and told me when the funeral was going to be and did I want to go. Of course I did, stupid question that was.

One of the things that bothered me was that his parents were going to get a report back on what had caused their sons death. What was in his body, so they were going to find out about the alcohol and drugs. Not a pretty way to remember your son.

The funeral took place, there was standing room only, in fact not everyone could get into the church, thats how big the crowd was. After the funeral most of the kids, around 30 of them came back to our house to remember Mike. They made a vow that night, never to drive drunk or high on anything. For another month things settled down and those around my house took that vow seriously. But just for that month. Old habits die hard and these habits came back only this time it was a little different.

To be continued

Take care everyone


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2/1/2006 2:32 am

Hooked now, can't wait for more.


warmandsexy52 64M
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2/5/2006 5:17 am

Poor Mike and so sad,

I'm fascinated by the saga. It's got a richness that I've rarely read. You probably know we Brits are suckers for social realism and this one's no exception.

warm xx

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