Tuck continued  

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1/28/2006 7:33 pm

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Tuck continued

Tuck was fun to be around. A great story teller, and made me laugh, but he was also a lier and a cheat and he stole from every job (and there were plenty of those over the next 2 years) he had.

He was a grown up kid, that had come from a really bad family. His mom and sister were ok, It was his dad and his wife that were the culprits. They helped make him what he was. Dad was in jail when Tuck came to live with us. His mom and sister lived a few hours away.

The next party he threw was for his mom and sister who had come down to stay for the weekend. He got a group of his friends together and they supplied the food and drink (mom helping). I only knew that it was to be a party I didn't know about the packed he had made with his mother. That was to allow his 14 year old sister to get drunk in their presence. I didn't know anything about that. Needless to say his mom got drunk and couldn't handle Tucks sister when she got drunk, it was left up to me and Tuck to take care of her. She passed out, so Tuck and I carried her up to a spare bedroom and put her to bed. I grabbed her feet and Tuck took her arms and thats how we took her into the bedroom, while mom was plastered out of her head.

I cleared the house out around 1 AM and we all went to bed. The next day mom was crying about getting too drunk to help her daughter. I pretty much left them alone, except for a few words. They were outside on the patio. I now had a very clear Idea why Tuck was the way he was. A dad that didn't care too much one way or the other and who was also a drunk, a mom that was a drunk and couldn't even take care of her own kids. Yeah, so now I understood why Tuck was an alcoholic. I also understood why he was looking for love. In all the wrong places.

Take care everyone

To be continued.


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1/30/2006 10:49 pm

OMG you're so lucky you didn't go to jail!


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