Tuck and his family  

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Tuck and his family

When we rented to Tuck we didn't know we would get the whole damn family. Mom and sister, then dad and his girlfriend, then Tucks brother.

What a crew, and none of them worth a damn. I soon understood why Tuck was the way he was. Dad a jailbird, brother also, dads girlfriend a user. Mom a drunk, and sister on her way to being one.

Dad got out of jail, I don't even remember when but he did, wish he had stayed in jail. He and his girlfriend arrived on my doorstep and stayed for 2 weeks, then I told Tuck they had to go. Dad was abrasive at best, and alcoholic, (ran in the family) mean son of a bitch (will that get past the sensors) He was always trying to prove he was better than his sons. MMM see a problem there. I did. He had also been physically abusive to his sons, You know hitting, with closed fists in the head, kicking them when they were down, that type of Mr. Nice guy. Girlfriend used meth also, actually got Tuck started on it, way before I knew him. The whole family lied. The younger brother had a problem. Well more that one, but dad had kicked him in the head with steel toed boots when he was young, and it left the boy alive but not right in the head. He was into stealing, got caught ended up in Juvie. When he got out it was straight to his brother who was staying with us. Lovely!. So between dad and brother they came and tried to stay. I wouldn't allow it.

So they went to live at a local motel. But they spent way too much time in my home. And I didn't trust any of them except Tuck. Don't ask me why, I don't know. I should have known better, but Tuck wasn't into the drugs heavily until much later.

So for the next year they came and went and partied with the group. Most of the kids knew him well, and as long as he supplied the beer the kids came over.

Then one day brother went out and came back and the next day was picked up by the police for stealing from a local Church of all places. So off he went, one down 2 to go. Dad and girlfriend got married but still lived in the local flop house. Dad and girlfriend and Tuck and his brother were very well known by the cops, so having them around made me nervous. Didn't need anymore cops showing up. They were already there every weekend.

In the end dad and step mom moved out to Palm Springs which was fine with me. They never came back, thank god.

But Tuck was still there. By now he and his present girlfriend were heavily into meth, using all the time, staying up all night, or out with like people which was nice for me. My patience was beginning to wear a little thin.

To be continued

Take care everyone


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