Tuck and Joe  

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2/6/2006 5:53 am

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Tuck and Joe

Joe and Tuck had grown up together. Joe is Tall and slender with fantastic long fingers. Yes, I look at fingers, besides other parts of the body. He had natural black hair, but he colored it all sorts of colors. We never knew what color he would have when he stopped by.

I didn't like Joe when I first met him, that changed with time. Joe like Tuck had a high opinion of himself and he used drugs, but was not an alcoholic. He would drink but never get out of hand. He was also very interesting to listen and talk with. I always thought of Joe as a man not a boy as I did with so many of the others.

Joe had not so nice friends who lived near the ocean. drug dealers. Joe was the one that told me about different drugs and what they do to your body. Tuck had come home one night and told me about another drug called special K, so I asked Joe about it and he told me. Thats how come I knew so much about drugs when I worked at the High school. I had second hand information.

Joe always took the time to stop and talk to my husband and myself when he came over for a visit. He just didn't head on down to Tucks room. He spent time with us, and me when I was alone. No, not that kind of time.

I want you all to get your minds out of the gutter. I never did anything with any of the boys or men that came by. Although a couple of them tried to kiss me. But they were young, and who knows what they thought. Maybe because all the girls were so available sexually they thought I would be also. Didn't happen, never would have.

Back to Joe. Joe had put tattoo's on Tucks body as a young man and he wanted to start doing that for a living, so he hooked up with a very well known tattoo artist in Southern CA, to learn the craft and in doing so he now had to practice on people. Tuck was one of his first. He worked on Tuck in our home. He put a fantastic lions head on one of Tucks legs, The coloring was awesome, so real to life. After he was done with Tuck he started on the dragon on my arm.

He drew it from a picture that Tuck had drawn of a dragon. It was a tribal dragon and I wanted it in color, so Joe came up with the colors and then asked me if I would like it that way.

Joe started the tattoo in my home, working from just above the elbow to over my shoulder. By the time he reached my shoulder my arm was numb. So the pain wasn't so bad by then. Yes, tattoo's hurt. It's like a cut, only its little dots going into your skin so fast that you can't see it. He was using several needles in the tattoo gun, its just not one needle. Joe finished the dragon in the shop he worked at after his training was done.The whole dragon took 3 days time wise, but it was done over several months. Joe made one mistake on it, so it makes it unique, and it's not a mistake that is noticeable. The dragon is my favorite tattoo and Joe is very talented. I had heard through the grapevine that he has left the shop and gone into private practice, working out of his home last I heard.

I miss Joe and think of him often and hope that he is doing well.

To be continued

Take care everyone


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2/6/2006 7:28 am

Kat, that tattoo sounds painful. How many tattoo's do you have?

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2/7/2006 11:50 pm

Smiles... I'm glad it's just that you are busy. I check in, and haven't commented lately. But you aren't out of my mind. Saw you came on IM, and I was just finishing writing something when you went offline again. I would have liked to have chatted a little with you!

You are much braver than me, Kat. I don't think I would have the nerve or the patients to get a tatoo. Big hug, unlisted

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