Tree Knots  

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1/17/2006 7:32 pm

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Tree Knots

Up until a few years ago I would take my camera wherever I was going and maybe shoot a photo or two of something I thought looked interesting. I have always loved close ups of almost any subject. At that time I used a 35mm with zoom lens.

When that camera died after many years of use I bought another 35mm, but now they had new ones where all you had to do was point and shoot, and I used it that way for awhile until I got bored, then I started playing around with it to see what it could really do and fell in love with it.

I shot my first photo of a tree knot at work 6 years ago in CA. I sat in a security bungalow with a large window in front of me, outside that window were tree's, and bushes, and flowers and a green lawn. The tree right in front of the window had a branch that swept down from up above and one day I started looking at the knot in that branch. It looked interesting so I got my camera out and took a shot of it through the window, and then went outside and took another from a different angle. I was looking up at it from both angles.

After the roll of film was used up I took it in to be processed and low and behold out came a photo that was unique. I saw something in it immediately. I put it up inside the office and asked people to comment on it. I got some weird comments, some saw what I did, other's didn't, but from that day forward tree knots became a passion.

Some knots look interesting until you get the photos back, others look like nothing at the time I shoot them but turn out very interesting. I also take the photo and rotate it to see which angle it looks best at, then I crop it and print it.

Now I have a digital camera. Only had it a year, but again its tree knots that fascinate me. The one I am posting with this blog was taken at a lake outside of Williams, AZ.

Take care everyone


rm_unlistedone 65M
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1/18/2006 11:27 pm

Interesting pictures, Kat. I never thought to look at them quite that way. I will start looking closer at them now.

(And yes, to the earlier post, I saw the same thing. I wonder how it got there like that?) Sorry, I didn't comment, I should have.

I will do better... promise! smiles, unlisted

rm_unlistedone 65M
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1/19/2006 2:07 pm

and that's the way it should be, Kat. Most of what I write is because I want it... or feel the need to write it. Sometimes, I will point something directly at someone. And inside it, there will be something that only they will understand.

This isn't about what other's want. It's about what you want and need for yourself to be said. It's part of being that new person. I like the Kat I have come to know. I think she is a very wonderful, and caring person. And the emerging Kat is very special.

Keep going, girl. I know Stan is behind you all the way. Just know, that I'm also there for you, too!!! biggest and most special of hugs to the lady that I like and admire!!! unlisted

Oh, by the way... where I work, there are thousands of trees. you'd love it.

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