The Restaurant  

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11/26/2005 8:50 pm

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The Restaurant

The restaurant was very nice with white linen table clothes, a small light in the center of each table with a vase of fresh cut flowers on each table.

It was a warm summer evening so I had dressed in a short loose fitting dress, with no underwear on. We were escorted to our booth that was in the corner away from most of the other tables.

I had been there with a girl friend to scope the place out 2 weeks before hand and at that time had made the reservations for tonight.

This was our 5th anniversary and I wanted everything to go perfectly. When we reached our booth I asked Luke to slide in first, then I followed sitting so our thighs touched. On the way into the booth I had hitched my dress up in the back so that my rear was sitting on the leather of the booth seats but the front of my dress was over my thighs.

Our waiter took our order's for drinks and we sat talking quietly until he returned with them. As we talked I slid my left hand up onto Luke's upper thigh and rested it there while we drank and talked. If Luke had any idea what was going through my brain he didn't let it show. Our waiter returned with our menu's. As we sat looking at the menu's my left hand crept up to just below his balls, gentle massaging his inner thigh. Luke looked at me and raised his eye brow, then smiled and said "their are people around", "yes, so" I said with a smile and a twinkle in my eye. Luke cleared his throat looking at me with a smile, then returned to the menu. We decided on what we wanted, gave our order and were left alone again.

My hand had now reached his balls under his pants, and as I slide my hand up I find that Luke is hard. I look up at him, move towards him and give him a big kiss as both my hands go under the table to unzip his pants. I reach in and gently pull his cock from his pants. I then reach for his right hand that has been on the cold glass and put it on my upper thigh, again looking at him. Luke's hand is cold as he touches me but soon warms from the heat of my body. I sip my drink while my other hand is busy on his hard cock, he is moving ever so slightly with my touch, my hand moving down and up his shaft, a finger from his hand has found that I am wet and is sliding up onto my clit.

The waiter returns to ask if we would like another drink. We say no and he moves away. I slide down a bit so Luke has better access and he slides his finger down to the opening to my pussy. I take my hand off his cock and bring it up to the table, I put a finger in my drink and return it to his cock and slide the cool wetness of it across the head of his hard cock. I "drop" my napkin on the floor and bend over under the table to pick it up and while I am there take Luke's cock into my mouth. Luke moans as my wet tongue slides across his cock head and then my mouth slides over his head as I start a slow up and down movement with my mouth, my tongue pressing against the side of his shaft at the same time, then up to the tip again. Luke's hand is on my head, not pressing just resting, then I let go and come back up with my napkin. I look at him and run my tongue around my lips, then we come together for a short kiss.

Our food arrives, so we stop our playing for awhile, while we eat. I continue to play with his cock when I can with my hand. I am not very hungry for food, but we eat anyway. After dinner we ask for coffee, and once the waiter has brought it and left we go back to what we were doing. I am so wet, I think I am going to leave a huge wet spot on the seat when we leave. Luke has asked me too slide down a little more, which I do so he can get his finger into my now very wet pussy, as he inserts his finger into me I slide even further down. Oh! God this is good. I am about ready to cum from excitement when our waiter returns with more coffee and asks if we want desert. We order something, what I don't know, or care and after he refills our cups and sets the desert down and leaves Luke continues to push his finger in and out of me. I am breathless, I want to scream and moan out loud but I can't so I am trying hard not to make too much noise. Luke takes his fingers out of me, looks at me then licks them and says we should leave. I agree, so while we are waiting for our bill, I take the napkin and slide it down under me as best I can and wipe some of the wet spot off the booth seat. While I am doing that Luke zips his pants back up. He looks at me and says I will have to walk in front of him so people can't see the hard bulge in his pants. I laugh and say "of course dear", as I slide out of the booth trying to get out gracefully without sticking to the booth with Luke right behind. I stand up covering Luke's exit from the booth. Luke is close behind as we walk to the door and out into the warm night air. Luke has his arm around me as we walk towards our car that we parked in a dark place when we arrived. As we get to the car I stop look around and when I see no one around step up to Luke put my arms around him, and press my body up close against his. I bring my hands down across his back to his butt and press him into me harder. I tell Luke I can't wait, I need him now. I lift the front of my dress up and put one of his hands between my wet slick thighs. He slides a finger into my dripping pussy and I moan into his ear, "please I say, take me here". I take my hand away from his butt and bring it around to cup his cock, then he pulls back and we move to the rear of the car, he unzips his pants, we look around again and he bends me over the trunk of the car and slides his hard cock into my wet pussy. "Ah! yes, OMG yes, you feel so good". He pushes hard into me, with that lovely huge hard cock of his and as he pumps into me I cum hard, moaning still, telling him to "fuck me hard", as I finish cumming he cums. He leans further over me to kiss the back of my neck as we are leaning over the car. I look back at him and smile then we hear people talking so we stand upright and move to the front doors of the car. He opens one door and I slide in across the seat, Luke follows and as we get settle another couple walks by our car. We look at each other and smile. He says shall we head home with a smile.

Do we make it home without stopping for some more fun?

Take care everyone


caressmewell 53F

11/28/2005 4:29 am

Damn Kat, you go gurl!!

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12/3/2005 1:10 am

Wow Kat! I always thought a spicy meal was going to the local tandoori house up until now! Still recovering and need cold shower to be simply warm again!

funtoplay1973 44M
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12/11/2005 9:57 pm


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